25+ Cool and Unique Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

Living Room Toy Storage Ideas. There are ways for your living room to get taken over by toys if you don’t have a playroom set up in your home. We’re all familiar with how quickly and easily these toys can make a big mess. So, how does one manage toy organization after you do not have a playroom?

You’ve got a variety of family board games, kids’ puzzles, and neeLego blocks d to store them within the living room. We would like to have these things available, but in a place that’s not too childish for the parents to see. Fortunately, there are some creative toy storage ideas in the living room. Thus, the living room storage ideas will help you to take control of the toys. So, you can organize it and avoid it being messy.

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Creative Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room

It is not easy to have your storage in the living room. The living room is where you can chat with family or guests. But, at the same time, you must create a place to store toys as you don’t have a toys’ room. It needs creative ideas. Let’s see below some creative storage for your children’s toys.

1. Bookcase as Toy Storage in Contemporary Living Room

toy storage ideas for living room
Picture by Jeff Jones Snap It Photography

On the living room side, you can set an open-up bookcase. Then, you can modify it into toy storage. The number of cases can accommodate various toys. Thus, arrange it nicely so that your living room looks great.

Besides, you can take advantage of the toy storage. You can arrange some photos or table lamps in the storage. It would be nice for the room accessories.

2. Eclectic Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

living room storage ideas for toys
Picture by Bella Bnb Design Company

It looks like your TV has some accessories surrounding it. This idea is a great way to create toy storage. You must use the space on every box for toys.

On the upper part, you can arrange photos or any other accessories. Then, the other boxes are where to put toys. Arrange it nicely. It does not need to be packed for every box. One or two toys might be enough. Remember, your toys need to be accessible as well.

3. Hidden Toy Storage in Living Room

toy storage ideas for living room ikea
Picture by GDFStudio

It is a classic leather coffee table. The shape represents its function of it. The timeless, rich knit leather is a beautiful accent for any setting. Perfect for any room, traditional or modern. This piece is beautiful as well because it also has an inside. Thus, the ample storage space can store everything, including the children’s toys.

4. Trendy Living Room Toy Storage

toy storage ideas living room
Picture by Best & Company

A stylish and eye-catching store is here. It is a wall cabinet that can be books, toys, or even accessories storage. The bright color can catch your attention when entering the living room.

As it seems to be the center point of the living room, you must arrange the toys tidily. You can store lego, truck, or plane on the upper part as it might not be used regularly.

Then, on the lower part, but things usually used by children. However, putting another item on the storage is great as well. It can add a variety of arrangements to the storage.

5. Media Wall Toy Storage Ideas

living room toy storage ideas pinterest
Picture by Board & Vellum

Having a media site in a spacious living room is a great idea. The media site, such as open cabinet, can be your TV stand or for your creative toys. For example, you can set the dollhouse in the upper cabinet.

Besides, putting cars or planes can be another choice on the other box. You can also arrange some books or wall art on the cabinet as it is a media site.

6. Under-seat Toy Storage Ideas

toy storage ideas for small spaces
Picture by Jamie McNeilis, Accredited Staging Professional

A hidden place under the seat would be a great idea. Your living room will look like a casual one. But, your seating keeps the toys tidy. Thus, the seating suit for toy storage for small living rooms.

Small Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

It would be challenging to store many items in a small room. For storing toys in a small living room, you need to be creative. If it is not, your living room will be messy, and the room is not a living space anymore. So, let’s see some toy storage ideas for a small living room below.

1. Stair Box Toy Storage Ideas

living room toy storage
Picture by d3 interiors

Using boxes is an intelligent way of storing things. Just like this unique toy storage for the living room. The shape of the storage can add value to the living room. Then, you choose a different color for the basket on it. Just make it colorful and eye-catching.

2. White Basket for Toy Storage Living Room Ideas

best toy storage for living room
Picture by Enviable Designs Inc.

It is common if we store the toys in a basket. Usually, we use a big rattan basket and start to organize toys. In this case, with a small living room, you can also consider the art aspect.

You can choose the basket toys that match the living room color tone. A calm and warming color might be a good choice. Then, don’t forget the practical aspect of the basket. It will help you in carrying and organizing items for the living room.

3. Mini Shelves Storage Ideas

living room toy storage furniture
Picture by Studio 1049

A mini space needs mini furniture as well. This shelf fits the concept and creates a charm to the room. You can arrange small toys on the shelves. Then, to accompany the shelf, having a mini wire shelf is a good idea.

4. Character Storage in Traditional Living Room Toy Storage Ideas

diy toy storage for living room
Picture by claregaskin.com

Another great idea if you want a basket toy storage in the living room. As your room is small, the character basket here can add value and charm to the living room. Choose the neutral color and characters. Then, you can create a children’s space in the corner of the room. It will make the living room stand for uniqueness.

5. Under Seat Drawer Storage

decorative toy storage for living room
Picture by Designs Australia

This kind of drawer will help much for those with small rooms. Two or three drawers under the seat might be enough for toys. Further, this drawer is reasonably practical for your kids. They only need to pull it and take the toys. A helpful thing must be here.

6. Pull-up Toy Storage Ideas

toy storage for living room
Picture by fvk Design

Neat storage is here. You can easily find the boxes like this right now. It is an excellent combination for toy storage. You can use the shelves and the boxes as well. Thus, this idea makes your room look tidy.

Toy Storage Ideas in Living Room

The less you see them, the calmer and tidier your home will feel regarding children’s things. To minimize it from your line of sight, we recommend setting up a central area for most toys. All other areas should be “no parking zones” for toys insight. Let’s see some ideas for the leading toy area in the living room.

1. TV Shelf Toy Storage Ideas

living room storage ideas for toys
Picture by De Rosee Sa

A unique TV shelf is here with a calming color. The self’s form and accent suit a traditional style living room. About toy storage, there are pretty enough drawers that we can use. Each drawer has a big size for the toys like lego, firetruck, etc. Thus, we can put a basket or another item on the open shelves for decorating purposes.

2. Wall Toy Storage Ideas Living Room

organizing toys in living room
Picture by Gretchen Murdock

In this beautiful living room, we cannot make it unorganized. If you plan to make toys as decoration, follow this idea. Creating one space of the living room wall as the showcase will be fun. You need to arrange toys correctly. Thus, separating your kids’ daily toys and decorations is essential.

3. Toy Storage Ideas in Apartment

how to hide toys in living room
Picture by Ben Herzog

Usually, in an apartment, an open concept is a regular thing. You must make sure your room looks tidy in this concept. To hide the toys, you can have some square baskets. Arrange the basket on the TV cabinet. Further, you can arrange the toys on the shelves around the TV. It would be a great decorative toy storage for the living room.

4. Modern Toy Storage Ideas

creative toy storage ideas for living room
Picture by Caela McKeever

You can try various ways to hide the toys here. But, you need the square baskets. Put your toys in this modern toy storage basket. Further, it is practical as it is reachable for everyone.

5. Farmhouse Style Toy Storage Ideas

toy organization ideas for living room
Picture by Blue Copper Design

A vintage accessory like the rattan baskets can be an option for toy storage. There are some advantages; one of them is the feeling and aesthetic created. All the living room is in white which makes it bright. Thus, with the brown accent color of the toy basket, a welcoming feeling is there.

6. Simplified Toy Storage

toy storage solutions for living room
Picture by Organization & Relocation

It would be fun to arrange toys in a unique space for toys like this. Nice and decorative toys can be on the top places. You can accompany it with some books. Then, the bottom cabinet can be the other places. Use clear storage bins to store the toys. Of course, it will be in a tidy mode.

7. Under Desk Toy Storage Ideas

toy storage ideas for living room
Picture by Natasha Barrault Design

Placing a desk in the living room can be everything. It would be a place for decorative things, such as books, art pictures, etc. Under the desk, you can put some toy baskets. It will be practical because it is easy to reach. Further, making toys as decorative things is not a bad idea.

Simple Toy Storage in Living Room Ideas

Simple is the best. A sentence will always support this way of toy storage in the living room. Simply or casually, it is not a wrong choice. You need to keep your room tidy. So, let’s see some ideas here.

1. Bookshelf as Toy Storage for Living Room Ideas

family room toy storage
Picture by Suzy Harris Designs

As you can see, it is not necessary to have a cozy bookshelf. Something like this can be your option. But, you might have to be extra careful in arranging the item. The lower and middle parts can be the toy storage. In the upper, add artworks or photographs for decorating purposes.

2. Locker Area for Toy Storage

Picture by Creating Home

Behind the sofa or seating is a great place for toy storage. Just like this, you only need open shelves. You can directly store the toys. Then, you can have some boxes with patterns as toy box ideas. So, it will add to the beauty of the room.

3. Rectangle Shelf Toy Storage

Picture by NK Living

Another behind the sofa idea is this rectangle bookshelf. The main function is indeed for bookstores. But, you can also store the children’s toys there. Thus, the shape of the shelf is a great choice. The normal shape one will be boring.

4. Freestanding Bookcase Toy Storage

Picture by Bespoke Handcrafted Furniture

In the corner of the area is a favorite place for toy storage. The books set side to side to the window are the point here. Thus, the shelf is an easy thing for the children. They can arrange or take toys by themselves.

5. Under Window Storage Ideas

Picture by Beauparlant Design inc

Under the window, a desk is an excellent option for living room design. You can put every decorating item on that. Besides, the toys will be good to be there. Further. You need to keep the toys in a good position. It will be destructive if the toy’s messy.

6. Toy Tent in Living Room

Picture by Build Now NYC

A luxury living room is a dream of everyone. So, please don’t mess it with the children’s toys. Thus, it would be good to make something unique for storing toys in the living room. Using a tent is a great idea. The tent can be a storage area and a children’s playground.


Finally, we ended the idea of ​​toy storage in the living room. Sometimes, some parents find that spinning toys are very successful. You’ll select a few toys for your child to play with and store the rest in a tote to do this. To tidy up your home, it is not necessary to be stressful, time-consuming, or crazy expensive. Look around. You can use cabinets, pantries, closets, and shelves to store things.

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