30+ Basement Laundry Room Ideas (Best Makeover Ideas for Basement)

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Basement Laundry Room Ideas. Does anyone love their laundry? That word “love” is a bit much when it comes to a room dedicated to a basic yet necessary household chore. We might be used to doing a lot of laundry, But it isn’t as important these days as a room just for laundry anymore. If the laundry room was poorly tricky from the start, there are some simple ways to make it into a performance room.

Where to have a good performance laundry room? Suppose there is unused space under your house. In that case, you might consider applying some of the basement laundry room ideas that have been suggested. A basement is a rare place in the whole house, so you can turn it into a laundry room if you want to use it more. The basement is a nice place to do laundry. This page will show you many incredible and stylish laundry room designs that could be suitable for your basement.

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Dedicated Basement Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room was designed well to have plenty of space for storage or laundry baskets. The laundry room helps keep clothes, towels, and other laundry in one spot instead of the whole house exploding. Then, you can do almost anything here, such as washing, drying, ironing, folding, hanging, etc. But the clothes themselves are tidy.

1. Traditional Basement Laundry Room

unfinished basement laundry room ideas
Picture by FBC Remodel

The room has the ideal size for a laundry room. With an L-shaped slate floor, you can do anything about laundry here. The owner creates a perfect combination of the furniture and features. Next, a raised-panel cabinet, utility sink, and solid countertops help you store and iron. So, this is the traditional thing that you should try.

2. Craftsman Basement Laundry Room Ideas

makeover unfinished basement laundry room ideas
Picture by DiGiacomo Homes & Renovation

This idea is a dedicated laundry room in a small basement area. You can try this on the corner or in the l-shaped room. For decoration, you can use ceramic tile and white cabinets for storing. Then, a side-by-side washer, drop-in sink, and laminate countertop will make things complete. Further, try to use rattan baskets for decorative items.

3. Large Classic Basement Laundry Room Ideas

concrete basement laundry room ideas
Picture by A&E Construction and Design Center

You can put two big washing machines here. The capacity of the machines will make your laundry time will not take long. Then, two big drawers just completed the room. Because you can keep your clothes safely there. Further, you might only need a neutral tone here for design, such as a white color scheme.

4. Transitional Dedicated Basement Laundry Room

diy unfinished basement laundry room ideas
Picture by The Conscious Builder Inc.

It is a refreshing dedicated laundry room. First, sleek wall tiles keep everything clean-looking. Custom cabinetry was fabricated. The cabinet in the wall adds the option to store clothes or anything. Thus, the countertops are large enough for ironing, even in the small area. Then, for information, the concrete flooring can keep the heat for you. It is one of the best basement laundry room floor ideas.

5. Mid-sized Contemporary Dedicated Basement Room Ideas

laundry room ideas in basement
Picture by C Change Design

It is an excellent combination for the color scheme of the furniture. White machines in the center match with the wall and under-mount sink. Next, you can use a rug here to avoid slipping. However, the rug, pants, and gray cabinets made the room fresh.

6. Dedicated Basement Remodel Laundry Room

laundry room ideas basement
Picture by Normandy Remodeling

The dedicated laundry room gives a peaceful feeling. It simply came out from the white color scheme used in the room. Further, light gray color in the hardware and floor are not bothering the scheme. They are completing each other. Finally, the laundry baskets make it more extraordinary.

7. Small Basement Laundry Room Ideas

basement bathroom laundry room ideas
Picture by J.P. Hoffman Design Build

In the small area of the basement, you can design a laundry area like this. You still can have two large machines for help. Then, a cabinet with shelves can be a storage or decorating area. Furthermore, rattan baskets can add a traditional feeling.

8. Basement Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

basement laundry room ideas on a budget
Picture by Castle Building & Remodeling

The existing concrete floor was in bad condition, so we decided to remove the old concrete floor and pour a new one. Next, you seem to need lots of space in the laundry room, so extra storage space was a priority. Custom-made or built-in cabinets make the basement look better and more excellent. Furthermore, the laundry room also includes a countertop made of Paperstone and one of the most beautiful sinks you will ever see.

9. Contemporary Basement Laundry Room Ideas

laundry room in basement ideas
Picture by A Design Art & House

An eclectic space is a result of the great working here. Blue cabinet and ceramic farmhouse sink are a good couple here. Moreover, the back has a pattern that will not make the room boring. Then, some detailed touches, such as gold accessories, make it classy.

10. Crafts U-shaped Basement Laundry Room Ideas

basement laundry room makeover ideas
Picture by Designer Builders Inc.

The under-mount sink and flat-panel cabinet make a sleek look in the laundry space. You can add some color, such as in the machines. Then, it is not complete for a dedicated laundry room without an ironing table. A wall-ironing table can be a solution for a more extensive look.

Multi-Use Basement Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room is one of the crucial areas in your house. It is important to make it as efficient and functional as possible. Why not create a multifunctional laundry room? A multifunctional laundry room could also include a laundry room, craft station, message center, or even a bathroom. Instead of having a separate laundry room, have the laundry washed in a convenient location for you.

1. Basement Laundry and Bathroom Area

cheap basement laundry room ideas
Picture by Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc.

A modern and timeless model of the basement area. Having a laundry room here is convenient. With a trendy design, you can spend a lot of time washing or even taking a bath. A multi-room basement creates a functional area for some activities.

2. Mid Century Basement Room Design Ideas

old basement laundry room ideas
Picture by Floor to Ceiling Carpet One Floor & Home

In a large basement, you can create everything. You can allocate it for the living room, bedroom, laundry, or even storage area. This laundry area is side-to-side with kitchen storage. Next, you must make clear the border for each room. Then, choose the same feeling tone, such as medium tonewood. A comfortable area will be available in the basement.

3. Basement Living and Laundry Room Ideas

basement laundry room floor ideas
Picture by MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

The warm feeling of the basement here is full of wooden touch. You can set up a big eating table for the family in the middle area. Next, set a laundry area under the stairs, complete with machines and countertops. Further, a fully white room adds a sleek tone to the room.

4. Luxury Laundry & Storage Basement Room Ideas

basement bathroom and laundry room ideas
Picture by Synergy Design & Construction

A large luxury room with vinyl tile. The cabinet and sliding door make it memorable with a simple yet classy touch. Besides, the machine and refrigerator are side-to-side for a multifunction area. Further, a smart thing comes in storage space.

5. Laundry and Grooming Basement Room Ideas

small basement laundry room ideas
Picture by Just Basements

It is an example of classic old basement laundry room ideas. Old here means classic and classy touch that the owner made for the laundry area. Besides, this room has a sink that you can use for washing the dog. Going With soft green and cream color is a perfect match.

6. Concrete Basement Laundry Room Ideas

basement laundry room flooring ideas
Picture by collaborative interiors

Besides the wall decor, the flooring area can be a thing that makes your laundry room different. Using concrete can be a good choice in basement laundry room flooring ideas. Then, you can use black or dark appliances to match the color scheme. As the room is multi-use, you can make this room a changing room or storage area.

7. Multi Basement Laundry Room Ideas On a Budget

basement laundry room decorating ideas
Picture by Allison Ramsey Architects

A farmhouse tone is on set for a galley basement area. You can make it a laundry area with machines, cabinets, and a countertop for ironing on one side of the wall. Besides, you can also hang some clothes for storing. Thus, you can install some shelves for storage on another wall side. You have to make sure that it is separated clearly. This idea will save some budget for a limited space basement.

8. Single Wall Laundry and Office Basement Room Ideas

basement laundry room design ideas
Picture by Houzz

It is a nice and classy laundry area. The right appliance choice plays an important role. It creates a luxurious feeling combined with ceramic tile flooring. Further, in another area, you can have an office basement. Remember, you cannot do work and laundry at the same time. Make sure that the laundry thing won’t bother the work.

9. Unfinished Basement Laundry Room Ideas

Picture by Ruffner Remodeling and Repair, LLC

With an unfinished ceiling, the room has an industrial feeling. Use all longwall sides for your laundry area. You can set the machines, sink, cabinets, and countertops for the laundry work. Further, at the end of the u-shaped wall, you can use it as a craft area. Keep all your stuff on the open up shelves.

10. Kitchen and Laundry Room Ideas in Basement

Picture by Meadowlark Design+Build

It means that this room is a nice place to clean clothes and cook. A lovely basement laundry room with a small kitchenette combines two of the most popular rooms in a home. Next, the location allows for separation from the rest of the home and in an elegant style. The home has exposed ceilings and custom cabinetry. Then, there is a lot of space for laundry.

Basement Closet Laundry Room Ideas

It’s hard to justify spending an entire room doing laundry. It might be impossible if you live in a small apartment or home. When a full-size laundry room is not an option, a laundry closet can save space while offering just as much (if not more) convenience. Read on for tips on how to change your favorite laundry room ideas into a compact and stylish laundry closet.

1. Transitional Single-wall Basement Closet Laundry Room

Picture by Jackson Design Build

It is a great design when you have a small room for laundry. The choices of machines, washer, and dryer, are important here. You can save some space for a laundry bag or a sink. Then, for decorative ideas, you can paint the wall with gray and green flooring.

2. Contemporary Laundry Closet in Basement Ideas

Picture by RT Design Studio

White color walls and appliances match with light wood flooring. It creates a sleek and relaxing feeling. However, this is a perfect example of a laundry closet. You can set a stacked washer/dryer in a line. Thus, you can still have a sink and quartz countertops to help with homework.

3. Basement Bathroom and Laundry Room Ideas

Picture by Kasas Builders Inc.

When you don’t have enough space for laundry, using some part of the bathroom can be your laundry closet. With a stacked washer/dryer, you can set it on the corner of the bathroom. Next, don’t forget to have some shelves for storing laundry stuff. Besides, the design and decor of the bathroom are excellent here. Using wooden doors and glass walls is great for basement laundry room decorating ideas.

4. Vinyl Flooring Basement Laundry Closet Ideas

Picture by Housewarming, LLC

A side-by-side washer/dryer can be your option to fill the laundry closet. On the upper part, install some shelves for storing. Then, you can use vinyl and brown floors for a nice decoration.

5. Galley Basement Laundry Closet Ideas

Picture by Kristin Petro Interiors, Inc.

For a trendy laundry closet, you should try this idea. A nice and bright tone came from the wall pattern and color. Thus, you can use porcelain tile for the floor to add some classy things. For appliances, you can try to use a side-by-side washer/dryer.

6. Hidden Laundry Closet Ideas

Picture by FBC Remodel

Having a cabinet under the laundry closet is an excellent way in a very limited space basement. You can hide the washer and dryer when it is not in use. However, the size of the washer and dryer is essential here. Make sure that the machine fits your cabinet.

7. Basement Laundry Closet Remodel Ideas

Picture by Grossmueller’s Design Consultants

Setting up the laundry closet will ease your work right after the stairs. You will not need to walk farther again. Blue Wall and a side-by-side washer/dryer are great options for appliances and decor. The simplicity could be one of the cheap basement laundry room ideas.

8. Mid-Sized Contemporary Laundry Closet Ideas

Picture by B.O.B. – Beyond Ordinary Boundaries Architecture

It is a design that allows you to hide the laundry closet behind a sliding door. A stacked washer/dryer gives space for the sink and cabinet. White walls, dark appliances, and wooden floors are a great combination.

9. A Single-wall Laundry Closet Design

Picture by Clean Design

A compact laundry in a small space looks great here. All-white walls and appliances make a nice color scheme. Then, a side-by-side washer/dryer allows you to have countertops and upper cabinets.

10. Mid-sized Elegant Basement Laundry Closet Room Ideas

Picture by CT Carpentry

The elegance is from design and material use for the laundry closet area. A stacked washer/dryer gives you some space for adding more cabinets. Then, the ceramic tile floor and brown wall set a great feeling to work in the room.


Have the one that is suitable for your taste above? We need to remember that all the ideas above are a combination of decoration and organization. Actually, decorating and organizing the basement laundry room is not difficult. This part of your home doesn’t have to be bare and impersonal; starting with a basement laundry room can be affordable. When you decorate and make a space brighter, you’ll feel better spending time there and won’t feel dull.

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