Cool Basement Office Ideas and Design 2022

Basement Office Ideas. Being able to work at home is a lot of work. For example, there are many different things that can be distracting–people, noises, other people’s conversations–. Unless you are a focused individual, you will end up taking too many breaks. Then there’s the issue of family members, television, and even the temptation to take a quick nap when you’re feeling a little tired. But changing the basement into a home office is a perfect way to beat many of these hassles.

The basement may be the perfect place to become an office. Many basements are spacious, and in a secluded and quiet location, so it is advantageous to build an office inside the basement. Well, everyone, if you’re still interested in today’s topic, see below for complete information!

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Basement Home Office Ideas

A home office is something crucial these days. It’s time to have private space for the office, especially in the basement. To ensure your basement home office is comfortable, let’s see some ideas that the public must like.

1. Double Workspace Basement Office Ideas

basement office ideas
Picture by Kowalske Kitchen & Bath

It is nice to see this warm and bright basement office. The design of the office allows couples to work together. Then, there is plenty of desk space and cabinets. Under-shelf lighting is an excellent touch where you can also have a mini-library. We can say that it is a simple basement office idea.

2. Traditional Basement Home Office Ideas

small basement office ideas
Picture by Apple Wood Construction, Inc.

A simple and sleek office is here. The dark wood floor matches the desk space. Then, the white color that dominates makes the room spacious, clean, and bright. Further, you can arrange the office stuff on the cabinets and desk space.

3. Eclectic Basement Office Decorating Ideas

unfinished basement office ideas
Picture by True Identity Concepts

Like a casual office, you can create it in the basement. The important thing here is the layout. Setting your desk a bit like in the corner and guests seating in the middle. Thus, the choice of furniture also makes it look the same as in the office.

4. Office and Laundry Basement

basement home office ideas
Picture by Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

A basement can be anything. If you have limited basement space, having two functions is possible. A quiet and calm place like this can support your work. Doing laundry in this room is another activity if you don’t work. Moreover, make sure you can arrange the right time for working and laundry.

5. Minneapolis Basement Home Office Ideas

basement office ideas pictures
Picture by Homestead Remodeling & Construction

A great job has been finished by the owner here. It is a perfect corner working desk. Sleek and spacious are what you can get here. Thus, if you feel tired, you can take a rest on the sofa and sit near it. The seating area can be a living space for clients and guests. What a perfect design and layout.

6. Large Basement Office Design

basement office lighting ideas
Picture by Matrix Basement Systems, Inc.

With a corner space in the basement, you can create a great office. You need an L-shaped desk with some drawers. Then, make sure that the desk space is enough for your office supplies. Furthermore, you can hang some photos or artwork on the wall. It adds a warm feeling.

Small Basement Office Ideas

It is not a problem if you have a small basement for a home office. Because the most important thing in a home office is a comfortable space. Different ideas here can help you when designing a home office in a small basement area.

1. Trendy Small Basement Office Ideas

basement office ideas pinterest
Picture by Criteria Design, LLC

It is a great and simple small basement office. You need a minimalist desk and seating. Some ceramic pots are nice accessories alongside table lamps. Then, choose an accent chair for the guest for the comfortable one. Small area but warm enough for working.

2. Transitional Basement Office Ideas

basement office lighting
Picture by Kathy Marshall Design

A corner office is always a great move with a limited area like this. Simple and minimalist L-shaped desk with white drawers and cabinets. Then, having a mini library near there is also good. So, you can take this as a basement office library design.

3. Mid-size Basement Office Ideas Design

basement office space
Picture by Lazzell Design Works Remodeling

For a total move, you can make all areas of the basement for the office. But, it is essential to complete the supplies and items for the office. A big iron drawer file can help you in storing the file. Then, you can use the cabinet over the ceramic desk work for daily needs. What a complete office!

4. Extra Space Small Basement Office Ideas

basement office design ideas
Picture by Castleman Carpentry, LLC

 There is extra space in the house’s basement, so we converted it into a home office. A new layer of paint was added to the wall and blended with the existing color. Lazy Susan is a type of stand made from hickory wood. Thus, when we build our new office, we can decide to use a custom made table instead of a desk.

5. Loft-Like Basement Renovation Ideas

basement home office design
Picture by Wentworth, Inc.

In the corner of the basement, try to make an office site like above. It is a great touch with a built-in desk. Then, you can create a mini-library on the side of the table. Having a motivational picture on the wall can be another great decoration.

6. Contemporary Small Home Office

basement office design
Picture by OHinc Construction

You can set a basement office with only a desk and a mini drawer. It is a small office but can be a study room for children. Then, we can set a table lamp and some recessed lighting over the table for the lighting.

7. Small Space Remodel Basement Office Ideas

basement home office design ideas
Picture by Walden Homes

A small office can be available in a limited space such as under stairs. You can fill it with L-shaped cabinetry and a countertop for the workstation. Further, open library shelves on the back can act to store your supplies.

Modern Basement Office Ideas

 A modern home office is clean and doesn’t have a lot of clutter. Furniture, accents, and paint choices tend to be more neutral. You might find some of them in white or calm colors. However, it’s still worth seeing. Get some ideas for the d├ęcor of your office and the rest of your finished basement here.

1. Modern Basement Office Remodel Ideas

office basement ideas

As you see, it is a clean and minimalist basement office. Furniture, accessories, and even storage are in white, making it calming. Table lamps and some basement track lighting will bring a bright feeling for lighting. Then, having windows in the front can create a new view.

2. Large Scandinavian Basement Office Ideas

basement office ideas no windows
Picture by Andrew Snow Photography

The large office here serves everything you need. You can set up a desktop computer with its equipment. With a large table, you can use it for having guests or meeting there. However, it feels rustic or industrial with an unfinished basements ceiling.

3. Multi-tasks Finished Basement Office

modern basement office ideas
Picture by Mosby Building Arts

This large basement acts as a home office and additional storage. The room is finished with vinyl tile flooring and countertops. Where is the working space? You can use the countertops as a workstation. Then, you can set the supplies on the cabinetry. It is a complete area for working and relaxing.

4. Modern Timeless Basement

basement home office
Picture by Great Northern Builders, Inc.

The room is filled with wood furniture and a soft and warm sofa. A lovely table is here with a unique shaped and dark wood finish. Thus, for a relaxing thing, you can enjoy the sofa. You can also add some artwork for decorating ideas.

5. Basement Office and Media Room

basement study room ideas
Picture by MediaCraft LLC

When you have a lot of work and need entertainment in the middle of work, this design can help you. Set the basement with this office layout. First, install the table around the room. Then, arrange the office supplies and equipment on the workstation. You must make sure that the working stuff and media thing is easy to reach.

6. Modern Retrofit Office Ideas

small basement office design ideas
Picture by St Albans Basement

Under the stairs, you can set the working space there. It looks simple, but you can make it functional. All white colors surround the space. Then, add some shelves and cabinetry to support your work.

Uniques Basement Home office Ideas

What are some of the ways your basement home office stands out from other basements? The final touch! In order to make your office the best place to work, you need to have the right decorations. Choosing a theme can help decide which decor to choose.

1. Industrial Basement Office

basement office no windows
Picture by Parker & Company

With industrial touch, it looks like a craft room for a carpenter. But, no worry, it is still your home office. Hanging supplies on the wall is a great way. Further, with a mid-sized area, you can have two spaces for working. So, it is nice decor after all.

2. Traditional Brick Basement Decoration

cool basement office ideas
Picture by Gerety Building and Restoration

It is a very conventional and industrial way of a basement home office. A lovely ceiling with a wooden touch. Then, making a fireplace stone would set it not like in the basement. Adding artwork behind the workstation is a great background.

3. Cozy Vignette Office

diy basement home office
Picture by Fredman Design Group

 There are built-in shelves and benches in the back corner of the room. The designers ensured that the design was clean and consistent throughout the gallery and office area. The office space has a yellow wall and some shelves, with a desk and a secret door.

4. Band-themed Home Office

Picture by Lucy Call

It is a spacious basement office where you can put a drum set there. A relaxing area where you can release stress from work. Next, having a storage cabinet can be an additional working space. Furthermore, windows and track lighting are enough to brighten the basement.

Basement Home Office Design Ideas

Your design for your basement office can be as elaborate as you want. You can change or make your preferences. Creating a basement office space is the best way to save money if you work from home. The most important thing you need to do is hire a good contractor to help with the project.

1. Basement Renovation Office Design Ideas

Picture by Rebecca Purdy Design

A private space like this can help your work. A simple design of cabinetry and enough working space are the points here. Further, you can add another table for different stations. For supplies, you can store them in the drawers.

2. Gray Basement Office Design

Picture by Do It All Contracting Ltd.

When you only use the home office for doing small work, this idea can be your option. Freestanding desk and gray flooring are enough to warm the feeling. Then, add some small storage and table lamp to complete the equipment.

3. Medium Tone Wood Basement

Picture by MUZE Wall Design & Painting

A particular room in the basement for the office is not a bad idea. You might only need to adjust where to put your desk, computer, and other equipment for this idea. Then, make sure you choose the right color to create a certain feeling.

4. Built-in Working Space

Picture by Just Basements

Having a built-in workstation like this can ease your work. You can organize where to put supplies and equipment based on your custom design. So, you must make sure that all you need is near you.

5. Office with Custom Cabinets

Picture by FBC Remodel

A great design is here where there is a large workstation. A built-in desk here can accommodate all your needs. Then, with various cabinets available, you can keep and organize important documents. Thus, you might have a mini pantry here for coffee or meals.

6. Farmhouse Basement Office

Picture by James Stewart Photo

You can try various styles and designs in the basement office, including this farmhouse. Calming white works well with medium-tone wood flooring. Thus, it is a great idea to have one side office like this. You need to arrange all the desks on the wall.

7. Transitional Mid-sized Home Office in Basement

Picture by Jules Duffy Designs

This design is a simple thing to do. First, you need a freestanding desk that surrounds the space. Then, add some drawers and storage on the corner for supplies. The most important thing, choose a bright color to have a warm tone.


It’s great to start thinking about the basement home office of your dreams! This room will be your space for many hours, so you should make it you’re favorite. When you design your basement home office, you want it to be a space you feel comfortable in. However, color schemes that are neutral and simple help make rooms look more organized.

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