30+ Sublime Bedroom Ideas for Women (Modern and Elegant Bedroom Ideas)

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Bedroom Ideas for Women. Decorating parts of the house needs a lot of consideration, especially on finding the right design. It also applies when we decide to decorate a bedroom. Moreover, the bedroom design that is suitable to the owner’s expectation can bring comfort and satisfaction. Thus, each owner has a different choice of design, even based on their gender.

Bedroom designs for women are often different from the ones for men. Sometimes it is more colorful or filled with beautiful decorations. However, we can also find some designs that are simpler and natural. Additionally, bedroom design ideas for women are available in many variations. Here, we have included some of the best ideas to inspire you to find the right bedroom design for women.

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Modern Bedroom Ideas for Women

Nowadays, bedroom designs are available in many variations. Most of them have their uniqueness, and some are following the trends. One of those designs that do not seem too much but still look stylish is called modern style. It’s up-to-date interior often becomes a favorite for those who love a modern and contemporary room, especially for women.  

Modern style is not always cold and less colorful in appearance. It could be aesthetic or complete with rich materials. Thus, it could be one of many reasons for women to love this design for their bedroom interior. Besides, spending time relaxing in this type of bedroom will be a great experience. Therefore, these are some of the best ideas of modern bedroom design for women.

1. Patterned Wall Decor

 small bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Modern Bedroom

Wood flooring and patterned beige walls always bring warmth and comfort into a bedroom. It appears beautifully in this room, along with some other neutral-colored furniture. All these color combinations and furnishings make the room look fresh and modern.

2. Sweet Pink Bedroom

adult bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Dulux Paint

A combination of light pink, soft purple, and cute furnishings creates an appealing and aesthetic interior design. As we can see, this bedroom has a soothing color tone and unique hanging lamps. Also, this beautiful room can prove that pink is one of the gorgeous bedroom color ideas for women.

3. Contemporary Girls Room

cute bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

A girl’s bedroom is often identical with pink or bright colors like this one. Its pink bed matched the table lamps and the curtains. Besides, the abstract wallpaper behind the headboard shows that this room also has a contemporary touch.

4. Trendy Neutral Bedroom

elegant bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Adrienne Chinn Design

Women who enjoy simplicity and modern style must love this black and white bedroom. Its black wall matched the curtain, headboard, and blanket. Also, the addition of bright colors on the chair and table lamps creates a splendid combination.

5. Luxury Interior Design Ideas for Women

bedroom design ideas for women
Picture by Manuel Roditi Architect and Interior Designer

Patterned wallpaper, wood floor, and abstract color carpet are a unique combination for a modern bedroom. All of those things are organized nicely in this room, along with some fancy furniture. Besides, the space is large enough and fits big-sized bedroom properties.

6. Stylish Black and White

bedroom ideas for women 2021
Picture by The Khazana Home Austin Furniture Store

Not all women love to have a pink or glittery decor for their bedrooms. Some are also interested in having neutral colors like this black and white room. A touch of white is dominantly used in the brick wallpaper, bedding sets, and carpet. Meanwhile, black appears on the furniture and cool wall art.

7. Spacious Bright Room

bedroom ideas for single women
Picture by Edgewater Design Group

Having big open windows in this bedroom makes the space seem enormous. Other than that, the white wall looks more attractive with an abstract painting above the headboard. Thus, this can be one of the best bedroom ideas for single women because of the peaceful atmosphere and comfy single bed.

8. Earthy-tone Bedroom Colors for Women

grey bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Sroka Design, Inc.

Brown is a part of earth tone color schemes, and it applies gracefully inside this bedroom. It appears on the curtains, chair, bed, table lamps, and even on the wall arts. All of those accessories blend with white walls, beddings, and bedside tables wonderfully.

9. Up-to-date Bedroom Decor Ideas for Women

apartment bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Andrea Upegui Design

Stylish wall arts adorn this bedroom excellently and create a modern style. It is hung above the headboard and makes the room far from boredom. Also, the bed and other accessories fill the space ideally and do not look too much.

10. Cute Teen Room

bedroom ideas for women grey
Picture by Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

A bedroom that is full of floral wallpaper could be a dream design for some teenage girls. Not only is it gorgeous, but also fun as a place for hanging out. Its large area allows them to play with their friends safely.

Elegant Bedroom Ideas for Women

Since the bedroom is one of the essential spaces for women in their house, choosing the right design should be done carefully. Each woman has their style, which is why so many great designs are made special for them. Furthermore, the bedroom with feminine and elegant looks often becomes women’s favorites. Here, we have chosen several elegant bedroom ideas that are perfect for women.

1. Elegant White Room

gray bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Creative Designs by Sofia

A white bedroom fits perfectly with the neutral color furniture. It looks exquisite, clean, and well-organized. Besides, a white room with a large open window allows the natural light to come inside, making it brighter and healthier.

2. Vintage Bedroom Ideas for Women

small bedroom decorating ideas for women
Picture by Envision Web

If you love a Victorian-inspired bedroom, this one might catch your eyes. It is not too large, but the space is filled beautifully. Moreover, its classical look results from a combination of floral bed canopy, natural wall color, and vintage furniture.

3. Homey Traditional Bedroom

bedroom for women ideas
Picture by Design Connection, Inc.

If you are looking for grey bedroom ideas for women but want a traditional touch, this one could be a perfect choice. Although this room adopts a traditional look, it does not seem outdated. It has a green vintage chair that matches the pillowcase and increases the room’s calm atmosphere.

4. Classy Feminine Bedroom Ideas for Women

bedroom ideas for women tumblr
Picture by Manuel Roditi Architect and Interior Designer

A big open window means a significant amount of natural light from outside. Here, the light shone in the room and made the patterned pink walls glow. Its bed is covered with pink bedding, and there is a functional storage space that makes the room look girly and tidy.

5. Simplistic Transitional Room 

unique bedroom ideas for women
Picture by K. Rue Designs, LLC

Although this bedroom lacks a variety of colors on its wall, it looks beautiful with some elegant furniture. It adopts a transitional style that combines traditional and contemporary in one design. As a result, the room brings a relaxing feeling with its simplicity.

6. Gorgeous Sage Green Touch

bedroom decorating ideas for women
Picture by Logvinenko Elena/ Interior Design online

If you try to find apartment bedroom ideas for women, this design should never be left behind. It has a sage green color touch in most parts of the room. Besides, a fancy set of sateen bed sheets brings a luxurious look and a comfortable atmosphere.

7. Exquisite Eclectic Interior

chic bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Designing Women

Combining a variety of ideas in one room is also known as eclectic style. We can see it in this bedroom with a mix of natural and vintage interiors. Then, a bohemian touch also appears as a result of those lovely pieces of furniture.

8. Stunning Pastel Colors Bedroom Ideas for Women

modern small bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Caitlin Wilson Design

A combination of three colors, including pink, grey, and white, creates a pastel color tone. It looks soft, eye-catching, and perfect for a girl’s bedroom. Additionally, the floral pattern on the headboard also brings another beautiful variation to the room.

9. Enthusiastic Room Atmosphere

boho bedroom ideas for women
Picture by PB Built

A white bedroom is the easiest to mix and match with other colors. As we can see in this room, it only has a little touch of yellow while most of the walls are painted in white. However, these yellow decorations work well and fit the room magnificently.

10. Dreamy Blue Teenage Bedroom

big bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Interiors by Natasha

Teal blue represents luxury and tranquility, especially inside this bedroom. Most room parts are covered in this color, including walls, ceiling, carpet, headboard, even chandelier. Meanwhile, a single burgundy sofa brings a different variation into the room.

Master Bedroom Ideas for Women

A master bedroom is the owner’s primary room, and it is often spacious enough to store more oversized furniture. It usually includes a giant bed, dressers, drawers, or even space for a bathroom. Additionally, some extra space for relaxing, such as reading books or a conversation area, is also included. 

It must be fun to decorate this type of bedroom, explicitly matching the women’s style. Hence, if you have a master bedroom in your house and are interested in decorating it with a design that is fit for women, we have picked some of the best recommendations. Let us take a look at these ten master bedroom ideas for women below.

1. Fancy Bedroom Ideas for Women

bedroom ideas for women colors black, white, grey
Picture by Creative Designs by Sofia

A touch of black on one side of the white walls does not bother the room’s appearance. It brings a luxurious and contemporary look instead. Also, the comfortable bed, elegant chandelier, big mirror, and large window make this bedroom feel homey and more open.

2. Golden Bohemian Furniture

bedroom ideas for women with workspace and storage space
Picture by Designing Women

Metallic and golden furniture in this bedroom helps to create a unique interior design. It makes the room produce a bohemian and luxurious atmosphere. Additionally, the space is not ample but still able to fit big furniture excellently.

3. Soft Glamorous Decoration

bedroom ideas for women blush pink
Picture by Tara Seawright Interior Design

The pink pastel wall creates a beautiful view and coziness inside this bedroom. Other than that, the headboard, bedsheet, curtains, and bedside tables come in natural colors. They are all suitable to fill the room and could be great bedroom ideas for women in their 20s.

4. White Blue Combinations

teel grey bedroom ideas for women
Picture by Marie Burgos Design

As one of those blue bedroom ideas for women, this room is also accompanied by white. Other than that, most of the furniture has a combination of these two colors. In addition to the room’s accessories, a vast wall art above a black headboard adorns the sky blue wall and makes this room far from weariness.

5. Chic Mid-sized Bedroom Ideas for Women

bedroom makeover ideas for young women
Picture by Style & Design Corp.

Girls who love simplicity might match this bedroom design. Its white color dominates almost the entire interior. Besides, this mid-sized bedroom offers a spacious area that seems clean, tidy, and easy to set up.

6. Romantic Shabby-chic Design

Picture by Dawn D. Totty Interior DESIGNS

Soft color schemes inside this bedroom create a romantic atmosphere and are perfect for relaxing. Its shabby-chic style completes the decor with the help of a vintage drawer, ceiling fan, patterned carpet, and cozy bed. In addition to the wall decor, some mirrors are also hung in the right place, so they are functional and bring an aesthetic look.

7. Mysterious Themed Bedroom Ideas for Women

Picture by Dawn D. Totty Interior DESIGNS

Besides romantic or sweet styles, girls also love this mysterious bedroom. It does not have bright and flossy colors, but only neutral ones like black or grey. Other than colors, this room also looks classy with comfy white bedding sets and a hanging fireplace.

8. Colorful Bedroom Accessories

Picture by PB Built

A large master bedroom with three open windows means a lot of space and good quality lighting. Those characteristics appear in this bedroom, and it has a lively decoration. Besides, the decor produces a coastal style for the interior, and it brings a peaceful atmosphere.

9. Adult Classic Room

Picture by Designing Women

If you try to find bedroom ideas for women in their 30s and love vintage style, this beautiful bedroom could be a fantastic recommendation. It is suitable for adults because of its elegant color shades. Not only the colors, but the furniture here also looks unique and classical.

10. Charming Young-adult Bedroom

Picture by COSWICK LTD

Women in their young adulthood often enjoy a bedroom design with simplicity and serenity. This bedroom has those two characteristics because of its neutral color tone and charming decor. Although this room is not large, the space is enough to fit some essential furniture.

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In conclusion, while choosing the right design for women’s bedrooms sometimes is a bit tricky. Starting from considering the choice of colors, size, or even how to organize things. Besides, deciding which design is suitable is based not only on the owners’ favorite style but also on what they need. Therefore, make sure you choose these designs carefully and match the ideas wisely.

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