25+ Bedroom Shelving Ideas for Small and Master Bedroom Design

Bedroom Shelving Ideas. A bedroom is not only a place for resting, sleeping, or relaxing. It also can be a place for storing personal things that belong to the owner. Besides the bed, shelving is also considered the most crucial furniture in a bedroom. It is for storage space and functions to keep the room in order. Furthermore, providing space for storage is also meant to avoid the mess of scattered things that we have in a bedroom.

Additionally, books, toys, photographs, or any important things that belong to a shelf need proper shelving design. Other than that, customizing it with the room’s style is also essential. Mixing and matching it to the bedroom needs and styles might seem complicated. Therefore, we have collected recommendations with various types and shapes for shelving ideas. Thus, look at some information about shelving ideas for the bedroom below.

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Shelving Ideas for Small Bedroom

A small bedroom means we need to think more about its layout ideas and include putting things in order. When the room is tidier, and everything is well-ordered, the atmosphere will change, and then the size will not matter anymore. Thus, providing shelving units for storage is an excellent idea because it can make the room look more organized.

There are lots of shelving designs that are available for a small bedroom. It includes the ones combined with a desk, wall-mounted, or even a built-in shelving unit. However, the way we organize it is even more important than choosing the design itself. Therefore, If you have a small bedroom and intend to have shelves in your room, let us check some of the best ideas below.

1. Retro Wall Bedroom Shelving Ideas

bedroom shelving ideas on the wall
Picture by Benedict Design

Not only function as a storage space, but these wall shelves also adorn the white bedroom walls. It is wall-mounted shelving and installed above the bed. Also, its size does not take a lot of space, and its design fits the room’s contemporary style.

2. Colorful Shelf Desk

childrens bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by Suzy Harris Designs

A working area in a bedroom is always completed with a desk and storage space. The desk in this room is connected to the shelving, and both are very functional. Moreover, if we look at the shelves, they have colorful backgrounds and are large enough to store books, photographs, or even collection toys.

3. Grey Shelving Above Bed

wall shelving ideas for bedroom
Picture by www.houzz.co.uk

Like the room’s color tone, the shelving has full grey on its surface. It may be one of the simplest bedroom shelving ideas on the wall, but it does not decrease the function. Moreover, this shelving unit can fit small things such as books or accessories and is easy to reach because it is installed above the bed.

4. Wooden Built-in Storage

shelving ideas bedroom
Picture by An Artful Life

Having a small bedroom means we need extra space to provide for storage. However, built-in shelving is an excellent solution for that problem, just like this wooden shelving. It fits the room beautifully and merges into a headboard space.

5. Simple Headboard Bookshelves

small bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by Actual Architecture Company

When there is not enough space for storage, this pink bedroom utilizes its wall for installing shelves. It also can fit plenty of books and for displaying other personal things. As a result, this can be one of the best examples of simple and small bedroom shelving ideas.

6. Small Corner Shelves

shelving ideas for bedroom walls
Picture by i3 design group

Although this bedroom is small, the addition of shelves on the corner does not bother our sight. Additionally, these shelves help to adorn the room and make it tidier. Besides, the color blends well with the room’s white and grey walls.

7. Blue Vertical Boxes

shelving ideas for small bedroom
Picture by Елена Сидорина

Vertical shelving is a key for utilizing limited space in a small room. In this bedroom, there is wall-mounted shelving next to a bed. It has a box shape suitable for the blue wall and is perfect for storing books and small bedroom accessories.

8. Creative Loft Storage Idea

kids bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by Quartet Architecture

Since this type of bedroom is often small, the area is not large enough to fit more oversized furniture, including storage. This bedroom’s built-in shelving becomes a solution, and it follows the loft ceiling shape. Also, its soft color matches the room’s white wall and expands the view, making it seem larger.

9. Farmhouse Square Shelves

master bedroom closet shelving ideas
Picture by Noelia Surace Design

Utilizing these shelving boxes as a part of wall decoration is an excellent idea. Additionally, the shelves have natural color tones and create a vintage atmosphere. Meanwhile, some antique accessories also increase the room’s unique charisma.

10. Cute Shelf for Kids 

bedroom corner shelving ideas
Picture by Petite Interior Co.

The girls’ bedroom is often completed with adorable decorations, which we can also get in this room. It has a beautiful interior that also includes these cute house-shaped shelvings. Moreover, the shelvings have a soft color tone that matches the room’s calm atmosphere.

Master Bedroom Shelving Ideas

A master bedroom or main bedroom is often considered the enormous bedroom in a house that includes more than just a bed and dressers. Sometimes, it also provides a seating area or particular space for storage. Nevertheless, some master bedrooms also do not have such a large area but are still filled with complete bedroom accessories.

Providing storage in a master bedroom is a must, whether a cabinet, drawers or even shelvings. Bedroom shelving comes in many variations and styles. Therefore, if you plan to have one in your master bedroom, we have found some good information about it. Here are several ideas for master bedroom shelving that might inspire you.

1. Home Office Bedroom Shelving Ideas

children's bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by TG-Studio

Installing wall-mounted shelving around the working area in a bedroom is essential too. It will be beneficial to store things related to work, just like this white shelving. It is installed on the corner of the room and right above the desk so that the owner can put something there and reach it easily.

2. Functional Storage Space

shelving ideas for bedroom closets
Picture by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Vertical shelving in this bedroom also functions as a separator between two beds. It is a built-in shelf with a cabinet that is excellent for books. Moreover, its unique design and color match the room’s atmosphere, making it one of the best girls’ bedroom shelving ideas.

3. Fancy Shelves with Lightings

diy shelving ideas for bedroom
Picture by T Lines Design Center

A trendy built-in shelf in a luxurious room is what we can describe from this bedroom. It has six parts, each with lighting like in a display box. As a result, these shelves help to create a fancy and elegant look for the room decor.

4. Innovative Storage Furniture

girls bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by Kelley Flynn Interior Design

Two classic shelves on both sides of the bed in this bedroom are also completed with drawers. These white shelves can fit plenty of stuff and are very functional. Besides, it does not take a lot of space and is suitable for a small bedroom.

5. Elegant Large Shelves

ikea bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by Details Interiors, LLC

A spacious master bedroom looks perfect with these large shelvings. These built-in shelvings are completed with drawers and LED lighting on each. It makes the room look elegant and glamorous. 

6. Glowing Bookshelves 

small bedroom wire shelving ideas
Picture by Sian Baxter Lighting Design

Book lovers might prefer to have more extensive bookshelves in their bedroom like this one. It can provide a lot of space for storing plenty of books and is easy to access. Besides that, its contemporary design results from a brick background and a beautiful lighting system.

7. Futuristic Geometrical Bedroom Shelving Ideas

shelving ideas for bedroom niche
Picture by Roselind Wilson Design

Geometric shelving in this bedroom looks unique with a grey touch. It is a wall-mounted shelf and installed in a kid’s bedroom. Then, its design matches the room’s contemporary style and functions as a storage and creative wall art.

8. Trendy Shelves Design

tech shelving ideas for bedroom
Picture by Dragon Seed Interior Design Inc.

Having colorful shelving boxes is a way to create a variation in this white bedroom. It becomes a center of attention because of its size and colors. Besides, each box shelf is large enough to fill mid-sized pieces of stuff.

9. Black Wall-mounted Display Shelves

shelving ideas punk bedroom
Picture by DIC Design Group

Matching the shelvings to this bedroom wall dark color is a great idea. These shelvings are installed above the bed as display shelves for storing cups. Other than that, the slight green touch of tropical design on the wall makes the room look more decorative and not monotonous.

10. Awesome L-shaped Shelving

built in desk and shelving ideas for teen bedroom
Picture by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

L-shaped shelving always looks fascinating because it does not take too much space, especially in this bedroom. Moreover, the shelf also has a cabinet, and it is installed next to a bed. Then, its design is suitable to this Mediterranean bedroom style with natural color tones similar to the walls and bedding set.

Kids Bedroom Shelving Ideas

Kids also need their privacy, and it includes having their private bedroom. While decorating their room, choosing the combination of colors, the types of bed and furniture, or considering the size are essential. Whether the space is big or small, the most important thing is to provide storage inside it.

Storage is always needed almost in every part of a house, including the kids’ bedroom. However, the ones we provide for kids are probably different from the adults have. Theirs often have a fun design, are easy to reach, and are safer. Thus, let us check these collections of bedroom shelving ideas that may be suitable for kids.

1. Glass Display Box

small master bedroom ideas with shelving
Picture by J & J Design Group, LLC.

Kids who love to have display rooms for their toys need this glass box shelf. Its transparent material allows us to see what’s inside from all angles. Besides, this shelf is suitable to keep action figures or other small essential toys safe.

2. Kids Abstract Bookshelves

boy bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by Regina Rogers Fallon Design

Contemporary kid’s bedrooms often have an excellent bookshelf, like this one. Its abstract design is unique and different from an ordinary bookshelf. However, the shelf appearance does not reduce its function of tidying the books.

3. Rustic Floating Shelving

wall mounting tv ideas for bedroom with shelving
Picture by A. Perry Homes

Wooden shelving is easy to blend with any bedroom’s design, including this children’s room. The shelving is installed to fill the empty walls, and it helps to throw away the boring situation. Thus, we can also consider this room one of the best children’s bedroom shelving ideas.

4. Contemporary Bedroom Shelving Unit

corner storage shelving ideas for girls bedroom
Picture by Hollub Homes

A white shelving unit in the corner of this girl’s bedroom comes in a contemporary design. It looks like a beehive, but each shelf is round. Then, its unique design matches the room’s decor and color tones. Thus, we can consider it one of the perfect corner storage shelving ideas for girls’ bedrooms.

5. Artistic Wall Storage

mens bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by 1st Option

Utilizing an empty wall above the bed for installing shelves is a great idea. It is perfect for decorating this girl’s bedroom and becomes an excellent space for storing things. Besides, this shelving is built in a rectangle shape and looks artistic with a beautiful painting on its base.

6. Multi-sized Modern Bedroom Shelving Ideas

built in bedroom shelving ideas
Picture by Hide & Sleep Interior Design

Choosing the right shelving size is essential to make sure it fits a bedroom nicely. As we can see, this bedroom shelving has several different sizes. Also, its modern design brings simplicity and an up-to-date look for the room decor. 

7. Multicolored Built-in Shelves

small bedroom ideas shelving
Picture by www.houzz.co.uk

Kids love colorful and fun styles for their bedroom, including the shelving design. The shelving is wall-mounted in this kid’s bedroom and has multiple bright colors on its base. Additionally, it is reachable and installed next to a bed.

8. Toy Display Area

bedroom tv shelving ideas on the wall
Picture by Robert M. Cain, Architect

The most creative boy bedroom shelving ideas are here, and this room is one of them. Additionally, the bed is completed with storage, and there are some tiny shelvings and drawers. It can fit the small toys and adorns the room nicely.

9. Unique Bedroom Shelving Ideas for Toddlers Room

bedroom shelving ideas above bed
Picture by Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

A toddler’s bedroom also needs a space for storage to store their toys so that the room does not seem messy after they play. Besides, nice shelving can create an entertaining decoration like the ones in this room. It utilizes the space in the middle of the wall, and the abstract design is amusing.

10. Rectangle Wall Bedroom Shelving Ideas

Picture by www.houzz.co.uk

This bedroom has single white shelving installed on the wall above the headboard bed. It has a rectangle shape and blends well with the green wall. Moreover, the room also provides another shelving unit completed with drawers. 


To sum up, providing a shelving unit in a bedroom is one of the priorities after the sleeping area. Not only for storage space, but shelving is also available in many designs, which help to adorn the room decor. Nevertheless, it is better to get which one is the best for our bedroom based on both the room and our personal needs. Therefore, make sure to choose the ideas above wisely and carefully.

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