25+ Amazing Bohemian Living Room Ideas & Design

Bohemian Living Room Ideas. It might be time to move away if you can’t stand another minimalist whitewall or rustic farmhouse coffee table. From the world of clean lines and quiet palettes, move to a style that feels a little more layered and loose. Even if you’ve never considered creating a bohemian living room, you may be tempted to think creatively and experiment with new ideas. Bohemian living rooms are easy to be enticed by the unique opportunities of decorating in this style.

So, what are the number one bohemian living room decor ideas? To create a boho look in your living room isn’t too complicated. We are going to share the top trends with you here. The living room is a space people come to when they want to be together. It should be practical but also reflect your taste and personality. Here are our favorite bohemian living room designs and decor ideas to get you started on creating the boho family dream room.

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Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

What is the best boho or bohemian living room decor? So, to make your living room look bohemian is not too complicated. We will share some ideas on decorating a living room with the boho style. A living room is the best place for your family and friends to gather. It will be good to be practical and reflect your personality and taste. There are some favorite and spectacular design ideas for you to get started on creating a bohemian living room decor:

1. Small Bohemian Room Ideas

bohemian style living room ideas
Picture by Prop Positions Inc

The soft color of the sofa matches with the white wall and cabinets in the small spaces. Adding artwork in the middle of the bookcase gives an aesthetic look to the room. Then, two-layer mats on the wooden floor provide a natural and warm atmosphere. It is an excellent idea to have no TV in this living room. You can have chit-chat without any distractions. Thus, the space is an aesthetic part of a new photo booth in the house. 

2. Mid-sized Leather Accent Bohemian Style

bohemian chic living room ideas
Picture by Kimberley Kay Interiors

This space is bright and has a good component. The blue sofa gives a bright and fresh color accent. Thus, the leather chair stays in a strong feeling with a warm welcome for the living room. Furthermore, exciting artworks and accessories accompany the space for having a rich atmosphere. You can highlight this as blue bohemian living room ideas. The sofa is very bold. But, it all does not make the bohemian style disappear—such a great example. 

3. Southwestern Living Room Ideas

rustic bohemian living room ideas
Picture by Kimberley Kay Interiors

A great example of the Bohemian style is here. The vintage rug combined with natural wood flooring gives it a warm atmosphere. Thus, other furniture and plants feel natural from the outdoors.

You can notice something unique here. It Is known that uniqueness is a part of the bohemian style. Hanging plants or accessories catch your attention. Then, an excellent taste with putting the white rug for a seat there.

4. White Living Room Ideas

modern bohemian living room ideas
Picture by Henck Design LLC

It is a large and great open concept living room. Dark green seatings give a bold accent on the dominant white area. A simple, classy touch in the table and accessories take the living room to another level.

From the far, you can see modern touch in the kitchen. White shade gives a current treatment for the room. It is simple but impactful for open concept areas. Thus, it is nice to see from the living room and great for the kitchen.

5. Bohemian Chic Living Room Ideas

bohemian decorating ideas for living room
Picture by Kimball Starr Interior Design

The furniture used and the color accent clearly state the vintage style. On the other hand, the pattern and rug here show that the area is comfortable. You can stay for more time here. Further, the big open windows let the natural light come in.

Another big lighting style here catches the attention. An oversized floor lamp is a wise choice for the nighttime. Or, one big pendant lighting on the cornet can create another rich accent.

6. Eclectic Modern Bohemian Living Room

bohemian living room decorating ideas
Picture by mercer INTERIOR

It would be best if you made it as a reference for bohemian living room decorating ideas. The color tone here shows a warm welcome for everyone. Having a mini library is such a great idea. Then, the wall arts and furniture show modernity.

Lighting can be the point in the living room. Just like the example, pendant lighting is a great choice. Remember, you must choose the unique one for boho style. Furthermore, plaque horns can be another unique wall item.

7. Urban Bohemian Living Room Ideas

bohemian style living room ideas
Picture by Marilynn Taylor | Vacation Rental Expert

It is a rich living room with various colors and patterns. The wooden accent on the small coffee table, flooring, and roll-up shade make it look natural. Thus, having natural light in the unique space makes it complete.

You can notice there is layering for the rug under the table. The top layer top has a similar pattern to the one on the sofa. The idea is great if it does not disturb the space style. Further, a simple basket as a table centerpiece adds value to the area. 

8. DC Metro Bohemian Living Room

small bohemian living room ideas
Picture by Elena Glas Home

You can make it rich and fresh with bohemian style living room ideas in a small room. Gray wall and white sofa are a great combination. Then, having plants and white shade shows the natural thing. A fireplace without a TV is great for having chit-chat here.

Actually, the pattern on the fireplace is nice to see. The color matches the natural accent. Then, a big round mirror seems a must in a bohemian living room. 

9. Trendy White Bohemian Style

bohemian living room design ideas
Picture by The Munro Project

An all-white living room is not a bad idea. Please put some other natural colors and accessories. For example, putting a brown pillow or pillow with a pattern can be a great touch. Then, having a plant and rattan armchair gives a natural atmosphere there. 

10. Loft-style Bohemian Living Room Ideas

bohemian living room decor ideas

Having two seats for the living room is not a bad idea. You can set it just like the following idea. Unique carpet pattern, wooden furniture work with dark blue sofa. Then, don’t forget to put wall decor there. It creates uniqueness in the room.

11. Industrial Bohemian Living Room Ideas

bohemian living room ideas on a budget
Picture by Paul Langston Interiors

From first sight, you can see the textured wall here. It is beautiful in showing nature alongside plants. Dark brown flooring and sofa colorwork to make it welcoming. Another great touch here is the storage on the corner. It is a great idea to maximize the space.

12. Minimalist Concept of Bohemian Living Room

bohemian blush living room ideas
Picture by The Munro Project

The bohemian here is on the furniture and accessories used. You can see their great rug, pillow, and chair to show bohemians. Then, it all works well with the white wall and wall art there.

Beside the living room, you can set the table with seats. Still, white round tables and rattan seats are great options. Then, putting a unique form of lighting is a must for the bohemian design.

13. Rustic Bohemian Living Room Ideas

blue bohemian living room ideas
Picture by SoCal Contractor

The area looks spacious with the open windows concept. The medium-tone flooring and rug work together in creating the mood for the living room. Further, the owner cleverly has a grey sofa with some patterned pillow to add the tone.

14. Cozy Texas Bohemian Living Room

dark bohemian living room ideas
Picture by Our House Your Home

All the vintage touch here is satisfying. A leather sofa and a great choice pillow are such a great combination. Then, two types of walls, brick, and white, work well side by side. In the end, putting the fireplace in must be a final touch.

15. Mountain Style Bohemian Living Room Ideas

white bohemian living room ideas
Picture by Pamela Sandall Design

It is a cozy and classy living room with an open concept. The bohemian touch is on the rug, wood furniture, sofa, and pillow used here. It all creates a warm and rich atmosphere in space. Thus, this idea is nice to see with a great color tone.

Because of the high ceiling, you might need lighting in some places. One set of lighting on the ceiling is a must. Then, adding some on the wall is a great option. You can add lighting near the mirror, as shown. 

16. Colorful Living Room of Bohemian Style

wood flooring ideas living room bohemian
Picture by jennifer rhode design

They only use wood accents on the floor and leather coffee tables. Besides, a colorful touch in the sofa, rug, pillow, and even book arrangement shows a great living space. Remember, bright lighting here is essential to show up the color.

For lighting, you can choose the big one as the ceiling point. An LED pendant lighting is one of the options you can use. Then, adding more wooden seating near the living room can add a warm tone.

17. Simple Touch Bohemian Living Room

bohemian themed living room
Picture by Native Staging

Putting too many accessories and furniture in a wide area is not always a good idea. You can go with this simple bohemian style. Traditional rugs and dark brown flooring are like inviting you to go there. Wall painting or even a round mirror can be the best accessories. Then, don’t forget to have a fireplace.

18. Modern Los Angeles Bohemian Style

vintage bohemian furniture
Picture by Meridith Baer Home

Having a living room in a garden or pool is an excellent idea. You can create a refreshing atmosphere. Then, white furniture and a little touch of patterned pillow can be your great choice.

For flooring, you can go with a tile one. It is a great option besides wooden flooring for bohemian style.

19. Malibu Bohemian Living Space Ideas

bohemian interior design
Picture by popix designs

The great accent from the medium wood floor here. Another wood touch can be in the seat, TV table, and coffee table. A round rug and brick fireplace show the warmth of the living room.

Further, it would be best if you had something special for the ceiling. A lighting ceiling fan can be your item option. Or, an oversized pendant lighting can be great as well.

20. Bohemian Living Room Ideas on A Budget

living room bohemian design modern
Picture by Leedy Interiors

A simple white or soft blue color can be your choice of bohemian style. You need to keep the pattern on the pillow or seatings. Then, add a wooden accent on the wall art or ceiling fan. A simple thing is still to make a warm atmosphere.

21. Light Wood Floor Bohemian Living Room

modern bohemian interior design
Picture by Cameron Getter Design

Again, minimalist furniture and color can create warmth in the living room. Light color accents and furniture work together to create a cozy feeling. Thus, adding unique wall art is a must as the vital point of the room.

As it is an open concept, the choice of dining table is also important. Wooden tables and big pendants are a nice choice for bohemian design elements

22. Bohemian Living Design

Picture by Alicia Carter Interiors

Designing a bohemian living room is not a challenging task to do. Having unique wall art can be one of the ways. Thus, wood accents can be on the furniture of flooring. However, bright lighting is essential in creating a mood. It can make a small area more spacious.

23. Bohemian Remodel Ideas

Picture by Nina Jizhar

A great example is here for the corner space of your house. Making the living room feel cozy and warm through the bohemian style is an excellent choice. Dark wooden themes and green rugs raise the room level. Then, adding wall art over the fireplace is a lovely place arrangement.

24. Living Room in San Francisco

Picture by Growsgreen Home

The main point of the room here is lighting and wall decor. A pleasant taste here creates a rich tone of the space. Thus, adding bohemian style with the pillow and layering elements there. A bright color seat is a good choice here.

25. Formal Bohemian Design

Picture by Kimberley Kay Interiors

A brown sofa with a boho cotton throw pillow works well with the wall color in a very small area. Then, you can add a vase to the table as a centerpiece. It adds the natural point of the room. Then, wall art is a must here. 


So, are you ready to set up the boho style for the living room? Creating a stylish bohemian chic living room means mixing various styles and elements to create a unique and individualized atmosphere. If you are an artistic type who enjoys exploring, experimenting, and reinventing your style, Bohemian is a perfect style.

Since you have a smart thought of how to plan a bohemian living room, you’re prepared to get everything rolling! On the off chance that it’s the simplest form, start with a few things, such as lighting and rugs. Or then, you can begin with the more significant things, similar to a seat or sideboard, as a neutral base and afterward work from that point. We trust that these bohemian living space thoughts will direct you on the way to planning your fantasy family room.

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