25+ Comfortable Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Cabin kitchen ideas. The kitchen in this modern era is an important place. We spend most of our time in that place, and we spend our breakfast, meals, and lunch in our kitchen with our family. That’s why choosing the perfect kitchen design is crucial. There are many kitchen styles; one of the best kitchen styles you can add to your kitchen is the cabin kitchen.

What is cabin kitchen style? The cabin kitchen is a kitchen with natural wood material and finishes balancing the outside and the inside. So, that makes the cabin kitchen ideas popular right now. The cabin kitchen style brings the rustic warmth then creates a cozy feeling in your kitchen home, especially in your kitchen. 

The cabin kitchen can make a larger, small, modern kitchen to carry the classic style on it. The combination of wood, stone, and metal is the main foundation of this kitchen style. It will bring harmonious beauty to your kitchen. Moreover, cabin kitchens mostly use a neutral color scheme, natural material, and comfortable furnishing.

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Modern Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Log cabin kitchen ideas are one of the cabin kitchen styles, which contain natural wood log material as the main focus. Combining the modern and natural touch of the cabin kitchen supported with the natural log material makes this kitchen design stunning to create. These ideas of a modern cabin kitchen ideas log will help you decorate your kitchen. Or maybe it can be the referral idea for remodeling your kitchen.

1. Open Concept Log Kitchen

modern log cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Alair Homes Clemson

Modern log cabin kitchens like this are spacious. Using the open concept kitchen style with the rustic look makes this log cabin kitchen look very nice. The space created the free of oxygen and fresh atmosphere. So, this log cabin kitchen idea is nice for you who have a big kitchen area and unlimited money to decorate.

2. Dark Wood Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas

log cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Fazendin Brothers

If you like the forest and mountain atmosphere, using this log cabin kitchen design in your home is best. Because the kitchen will look very natural because almost all materials use dark wood, it will create a feeling of cooking outside your home. Also, this cabin kitchen ideas and design is unique because all of the appliances are designed just in tone. It will make your kitchen be the main focus of eyes between other areas of your home.

3. Natural Wood Material of Log Kitchen 

log cabin kitchen backsplash ideas
Picture by Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes

The rustic kitchen design is the main focus of this kitchen log cabin. The material and the finishing of wood make this kitchen look like it. But, on the other hand, almost all the appliances and accessories on this cabin kitchen are the newest things. That’s why this log cabin kitchen ideas is one of the modern kitchens. Also, the finishing of the countertop makes this kitchen look glamorous and expensive. Don’t forget about the range hood, and it brings a nice view of this kitchen.

4. Large L-shaped Log Cabin Kitchen

small cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Streamline Design Ltd. – Kevin Simoes

This massive modern log cabin kitchen will make your eyes stunning. Because of the size of this kitchen, the style and finishing of this log kitchen are amazing. The rustic and expensive feeling perfectly shows up while we see the kitchen. Then, the material and appliances in this kitchen are using the best and highest level. If you have a limitless budget, you can choose this design for your home kitchen. Moreover, the eat-in kitchen concept makes this kitchen warm for family and friend gatherings.

5. Contemporary Modern Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas

modern cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Cornerstone Architects

Contemporary kitchen style with the black and white color is the main design of this kitchen. The elegant and simple way makes this kitchen look modern. Then, the modern feeling of this cabin kitchen is from the furniture and appliances. Moreover, this stunning log cabin on the ceiling brings a new view of this kitchen. It brings the crucial aspect of the kitchen to make it look fresh and modern.

6. Modern Mountain Cabin Kitchen Style

rustic cabin small cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Rockridge Building Company

This kitchen style is nice to add to the city home kitchen. Because the material of the cabinets and ceiling log is wonderful. It will bring the feeling of mountains to your kitchen. The finishing of the cabinet is amazing, and it makes the eyes only focus on it. Then, the kitchen log ceiling design is blended into the kitchen style. Moreover, the appliances and countertops are the best types. It makes this log kitchen look modern and sumptuous.

7. Humble Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas

tiny cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Oakbridge Timberframing

This log cabin kitchen didn’t show modernity while we look at it because its style and color are plain and humble. Then, the combination of wood material looks simple and common. But, on the other hand, the appliances and furniture used in the kitchen are the best things. The stainless steel material and the marble countertops make this kitchen in the modern kitchen category. 

8. One-Line Cabin Kitchen

small log cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Blue River Cabinets

The design of this kitchen uses one side wall in your kitchen. It makes this kitchen doesn’t consume a lot of space in your kitchen. Moreover, to make the kitchen look nice and cozy. The island-style with an eat-in kitchen design supports the cozy and roomy atmosphere. Also, the material, countertops, and appliances in this kitchen are the newest and modern. 

9. Fresh Log Cabin Kitchen Design

rustic cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by JP Floors LLC

This kitchen uses the concept of clean and simple design. The material and color of logwood make those feelings arise clearly. The L-shaped kitchen combined with island-style makes this kitchen look big and broad. Then, the style and type of appliances also support that atmosphere.

Small Cabin Kitchen Ideas

A small kitchen is always a nightmare for some people, but not every kitchen with a small space is bad. It can be nice to choose the best kitchen style, like the cabin kitchen design for your small kitchen space. It will give a fresh atmosphere to your small kitchen. Also, choosing the perfect and best furniture and appliances will support those feelings. Below are the best small cabin kitchen ideas; it can be nice to copy to your kitchen home.

1. Simple U-shaped Cabin Kitchen

log cabin kitchen island ideas
Picture by Viking Log Furniture

The design of this cabin kitchen is very simple. But this kitchen has several unique things, like the spiral stool on the eat-in kitchen style. Then, the u-shaped kitchen countertop uses a solid black color, making this kitchen look elegant and modern. With this design, the small space feeling will disappear.

2. Black L-shaped Cabin Kitchen Ideas

log cabin kitchen cabinet ideas
Picture by G Squared Design

Using black as the main color in your kitchen is a little bit tricky. Sometimes it can make your kitchen look dark and tight. But, on this L-shaped cabin kitchen, the proportion of black color on the cabinets and appliances makes this kitchen look modern and expensive. Also, using the l-shaped kitchen style will make this small kitchen look bigger because it only uses the side of the kitchen wall.

3. Open Concept Cabin Kitchen Ideas

log cabin kitchen decorating ideas
Picture by Shrock Premier Custom Construction

Having a small kitchen space beside your dining room is good. It can be an open concept kitchen to make the family and friends more welcoming and warm. Also, it will be easy to access the entire family and friends. The open concept kitchen cabin ideas will give a fresh feeling while gathering. Also, the material of the kitchen cabin is very good. It shows the natural feeling of wood.

4. Medium Tone Color Cabin Kitchen

small rustic cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Kelly Hadley Designs, LLC

How to solve the small area in your kitchen? One of the best things is to use an l-shaped kitchen style. With this style, you can maximize all your space, and it will be possible to combine it with an island. This kitchen cabin uses those designs, and it makes it feel cozier, and the tone color of log, cabinets and the floor is perfectly blended.

5. Open Window Design

mountain cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Precision Homes

This cabin kitchen design uses the perfect natural light from the ceiling and window, bringing fresh and natural light to make the kitchen look bigger. Also, the stainless steel appliances support the light to spread to all kitchen areas. This design is very good to make the wood material look alive.

6. Compact Cabin Kitchen 

rustic log cabin kitchen backsplash ideas
Picture by Judd Builders

Using the bright wood log on this kitchen ceiling creates a bright color. The perfect reflection from the natural light outside makes this kitchen feel fresh and homey. The compact space didn’t appear because of those feelings. Then, the colored appliances didn’t break the reflection of natural light because their position was perfect. The shine beige countertops also help the natural light to spread out nicely.

7. Simple Cabin Kitchen Design

log cabin kitchen lighting ideas
Picture by Bender Lumber Columbus, IN

You only have a limited budget to create a kitchen in a small space. Using this design can be the solution. The natural wood material in the cabinets and ceiling makes this kitchen as good as the cabin kitchen. You can add more lights to upgrade and create more space to let the natural light come inside easily.

8. Dark Wood Cabin Kitchen

lake cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Uhler and Company

Using dark wood material as the main focus on your cabin kitchen is possible. This kitchen design uses dark wood as the main material. But, it would be best if you combined it with other things to make your kitchen look bright and fresh. You can use the white color for the cabinet. Then, create a big window to make the natural lights come inside brightly and create the ceiling window to support it.

Modern Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Natural wood is the main look of the cabin kitchen style. But, it will be possible to create a modern cabin kitchen design. You can choose the modern and newest furniture and appliances for the kitchen. It will make your cabin kitchen look modern. These kitchen ideas below will help you choose the perfect design or style for creating a modern cabin kitchen.

1. Super Sleek Cabin Kitchen

cabin kitchen decor ideas
Picture by B.C.D. Interiors

This cabin kitchen design looks glamorous with the modern touch of countertops. Also, all the appliances are made from stainless steel to look very nice and eye-catching. Then, the island concept is stunning, with the small refrigerator below it. This design is really good to apply to your kitchen home.

2. Flash of Natural Light

cabin style kitchen ideas
Picture by Barbra Bright Design

The design of this kitchen lets the natural light come inside as much as it can. It makes the kitchen feel fresh, and the open wide window style brings a fresh atmosphere to it. Moreover, the kitchen uses several things of modernity, like the appliances, stools, and colors. 

3. Open Concept Cabin Kitchen

cabin kitchen remodel ideas
Picture by Whitten Architects

Why did this style become the modern cabin kitchen? Because the choice of color makes this kitchen look beautiful and fresh. Most modern concepts use natural light and natural color as the main focus in this era. Also, it will support good material choosing and the highest level of appliances. This kitchen cabin design combined all of them in one piece.

4. BlueStone Backsplash Kitchen

cabin kitchen design ideas
Picture by Mountain Log Homes of CO, Inc.

The kitchen uses a gorgeous kitchen backsplash besides the newest appliances and expensive countertops. The backsplash brings the focal point to the cabin kitchen. Combine with the natural material of wood.  

5. An Elegant Cabin Kitchen 

country cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by PureHaven Homes

The kitchen with the elegant style is a match to this modern era. This open kitchen concept combined with an eat-in kitchen style is marvelous. Don’t forget about the countertops, and this countertop makes this kitchen look great. 

6. Stunning Blue Color Kitchen

small cabin kitchen design ideas
Picture by Angela Todd Studios | Portland, OR

The natural feeling can appear with the material, color, and appliances we choose in our kitchen. This kitchen tries to combine all of those things. It makes sense that nature comes to this kitchen. The blue color, the moss design of the countertops, the wood material of the cabinets all of those things show up in this kitchen.

7. Prime Cabin Kitchen 

cabin small kitchen ideas
Picture by Huntwood Custom Cabinets

This fascinating cabin kitchen style will make you like to spend your time there. A cabin kitchen like this is hard to create, but it is not impossible. If you have a lot of money, you can make it in your home. 

8. High Ceiling Kitchen Design

rustic cabin kitchen decorating ideas
Picture by Sun Forest Construction

A huge kitchen area and space can affect your feeling while in the kitchen. This kitchen concept uses the high ceiling and the wood material almost on all things. The design of this kitchen is great to copy to your kitchen if you like the natural atmosphere.

9. Surprising Kitchen Ceiling and Floor

log cabin kitchen design ideas
Picture by Old Montana Building Company

This kitchen ceiling and floor have the same theme. It makes this kitchen look very cool. The open u-shaped style of this kitchen also makes it look perfect. Then, the combination of color and the material of the appliances also supported the kitchen became the number one.

Rustic Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Because the cabin kitchen style uses natural wood or logwood as the material, those kitchen styles will look more like the rustic kitchen. In this part, we will share the rustic cabin kitchen ideas you can implement in your kitchen. Most of these rustic cabin kitchen ideas are stunning and awesome to copy.

1. Galley Kitchen Design

cabin kitchen decorating ideas
Picture by Inspired Interiors

The galley kitchen design on this rustic cabin kitchen makes the kitchen look bigger because having enough space to add a big island. The wood material is the main thing in this kitchen. It makes the feeling of rustic come up.

2. Traditional Rustic Kitchen

kitchen cabin ideas
Picture by Attic Treasures

The rustic kitchen uses the traditional design with a touch of logwood, cultured stone backsplash, and granite countertops. It gives this small kitchen giving a fresh and natural feeling while cooking. Also, it makes this kitchen look unique.

3. Old Wood Kitchen Ceiling

old country cabin kitchen ideas
Picture by Phinney Design Group

In this rustic cabin kitchen, the main focus of the design is on the ceiling and floor. It makes this kitchen look old-fashioned. Then, the island-style also makes this cabin kitchen look old with the farmhouse style on the cabinets and color.

4. Stone and Wood Combination

rustic cabin kitchen cabinet ideas
Picture by Wolstenholme Associates, LLC

Stone and wood are the main ideas of this rustic cabin kitchen. It has a big vocal point while we look at this kitchen design. It makes this kitchen look very rustic and traditional. Then, the style and design of appliances and furniture also support those feeling.

5. Exposed Beam Rustic Kitchen

rustic cabin kitchen storage ideas
Picture by Wendy Zolezzi Design

The wood material in this kitchen is perfect. It makes this rustic kitchen feeling pop up while we see it. Also, the material of beam wood on the ceiling makes this kitchen named and cabin kitchen. Moreover, the brick stone backsplash is perfectly matched to this theme.

6. Modern Rustic Cabin Kitchen

tiny cabin kitchen design ideas
Picture by Musser Home Builders, Inc.

A combination of modern and rustic style in one kitchen is possible. Like this cabin kitchen design tried to combine those two things. The modern touch on the cabinets and appliances. Then, the rustic touch on the beamed ceiling and the island with an eat-in kitchen finish.

7. Old Fashioned Cabin Kitchen

ideas for kitchen remodel in cabin
Picture by Ellis Custom Homes LLC

Another thing you can do to change your cabin kitchen decoration is to use this design. The traditional or old kitchen style is nice to try with the dark wood material almost on all things in the kitchen.

8. Gray Kitchen Style

cabin kitchen island ideas
Picture by Shane Collins Construction, Inc.

This gray kitchen style is come out because of the natural color of the wood. Also, almost all the cabinets, islands, and backsplash use a gray color. So, it will make the kitchen look clean.

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You must see some points when choosing the best design for your cabin kitchen ideas—the color of the cabinets and the wall. Also, the appliances and furniture you choose to make the cabin kitchen style come out. Moreover, wood material is the most important thing to focus on. So, don’t be scared to explore the best design for your cabin kitchen.

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