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Kitchen Basement Ideas. Some houses are completed with a basement for many purposes. Usually, the basement is a place to store things or sometimes turned into an additional essential room. We can turn the basement into a vital space and use it as a bedroom, stockroom, laundry room, living room, or even a place for exercise. However, it is also possible to turn it into a real kitchen.

A kitchen in a basement is not rare in modern houses, and it could be a fantastic idea instead. Nevertheless, there are so many considerations that the owner must think about before having a kitchen in the basement. If you are one of the basement owners who likes to use it for the kitchen area, we have collected some of the best basement kitchen ideas for new inspirations.

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Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas

A basement bar can enhance the quality of the house itself and make it more entertaining. Additionally, a kitchen bar in the basement can be a good and cozy place for gathering. It also can increase the quality of living space, especially with the right design. 

Since there are so many designs based on the sizes, styles, or colors, we must choose them carefully. On the other hand, a bar without attractive decor will look dull and not interesting. Thus, if you are interested in building one in your basement, here are several basement bar kitchen ideas that we have selected.

1. Classic Beige Basement

basement kitchen ideas
Picture by Karen Spiritoso Designs LLC

A combination of a comfy living room and a kitchen here shows that this basement is enormous. Its size brings a lot of advantages, and the color touch increases the room’s beauty. Besides, the kitchen looks elegant with black cabinets and open shelvings.

2. Multifunctional Kitchen Basement

basement kitchen bar ideas
Picture by Ence Homes

If you have a large basement, combining a kitchen and indoor sports area like this kitchen has is an excellent idea. It is very functional and fun at the same time. As a result, we can consider it one of the most practical basement ideas with a kitchen.

3. Vintage Dinner Space

small basement kitchen ideas
Picture by Prestige Residential Construction

Beautiful wood cabinets in this kitchen bring a dazzling look and vintage style. It looks special because the kitchen is built in a basement. Then, the addition of a writeable black wall is so creative and increases the kitchen’s unique decoration. 

4. Spacious Kitchen Counter

modern basement kitchen ideas
Picture by Matrix Basement Systems, Inc.

Beige walls, luxurious wood cabinets, and dim lighting in this kitchen show a romantic atmosphere. Additionally, the kitchen’s spacious area provides a perfect space for a large counter. Then, a basement could be an ideal place to build this type of kitchen.

5. Simple Traditional Bar

basement kitchenette small basement kitchen ideas
Picture by Showhomes Lincoln

This open-concept kitchen offers a simple design but an inviting atmosphere. Since it is built in the basement, its peninsula and seating area directly face the stairs. Also, the simplicity and lack of bright colors bring a traditional style into this kitchen basement.

6. Artistic Farmhouse Style

small space basement kitchen ideas
Picture by Classic Homes

Black cabinets, white countertops, and a couple of pendant lightings adorn this kitchen basement nicely. It shows a contemporary style with stylish decoration such as decorative wall arts and classy furniture. Furthermore, the basement provides a small window in the kitchen as a source of natural light from outside.

7. Natural Open Plan Kitchen

kitchen in basement ideas
Picture by Timberidge Custom Homes

An open plan concept in this kitchen allows it to look spacious, especially when we know that it is built in a basement. Additionally, the kitchen takes a farmhouse style, making it look natural. Also, it is perfect for those who love simplicity and a touch of rusticity.

8. Aesthetic Basement Bar

basement kitchen ideas on a budget
Picture by Revision LLC

As one of the most impressive small basement kitchen bar ideas, this one adopts a contemporary style. Its gorgeous design is a result of aesthetic decoration and simple furniture. Other than that, the bar size is suitable for the kitchen itself, also mainly because it builds in the corner.

9. Cozy Basement Idea

basement small kitchen ideas
Picture by Right Arm Construction

The homey kitchen in this cozy basement is perfect for those who enjoy spending more time in the breakfast bar. Besides the bar, the white cabinets match the appliances, and they also fit perfectly to the countertops. Then, the beige hardwood floors also bring a nice variation to the kitchen.

10. Charming Cream Touch

kitchen basement ideas
Picture by Turan Designs, Inc.

Since contemporary kitchens often have a dominant white touch, this one looks different. It has a cream and soft color touch in most parts of the room and furniture. Nevertheless, we can also see the dark seating and stainless steel appliances complete this kitchen beautifully.

Small Basement Kitchen Ideas

Sometimes the size of a kitchen becomes a problem for the owner. However, when it comes to the basement, we can always find the right design and turn it into a functional kitchen. As a result, the size will not be a problem anymore even if we only have a small space. 

Having only limited space for a kitchen in a basement is not always a bad idea. Instead, it could be impressive and very functional with the right design. Moreover, there are so many kitchen ideas available for small kitchens. Therefore, let us check these small kitchen ideas for a basement with fantastic decor and multiple styles.

1. Bright Contemporary Kitchenette

small kitchen ideas for basement
Picture by Kitchen & Bath Shop – Alexandria

A kitchenette in this basement is also combined with a comfortable seating area. It only has one counter with a sink and a quartz countertop without stoves. Meanwhile, the white cabinets are completed with microwaves, and the whole room looks neat and contemporary. 

2. Multi-colored Creative Design

small kitchen basement ideas
Picture by Andrew Snow Photography

Combining several bright colors for a kitchen design is possible as long as we can set them accurately. We can see a slight touch of orange above the counter in this white kitchen. Although this kitchen is in the basement, it looks shiny because of the lighting and colors on the furniture.

3. Stylish Black and White

finished basement kitchen ideas
Picture by Dragon Seed Interior Design Inc.

Black appliances and white cabinets are a perfect combo in this kitchen basement. Both of these colors make the room look exquisite and stylish. It also creates a transitional style for the kitchen and looks unique. 

4. Fancy Dark Furniture

basement bar kitchen ideas
Picture by Liston Design Build

Black becomes a center of attention in this transitional kitchen. It appears on the cabinets, seating, and other equipment on the walls. However, the kitchen looks classy and fascinating with its unique decor and the right choice of colors.

5. Modern Kitchen Basement

small basement kitchen bar ideas
Picture by Brothers Construction

Utilizing the corner area in the basement as a kitchen bar like this one is an excellent idea. It looks modern with granite countertops and black cabinets. Then, the addition of photographs on the open shelves brings an inviting atmosphere into the room.

6. Peaceful Small Kitchen

basement ideas with kitchen
Picture by Matrix Basement Systems, Inc.

A kitchen can also have a peaceful atmosphere, just like a bedroom has. If we look at this basement kitchen, it has a fascinating design and a warm tone. Furthermore, the seating and stunning pendant lighting bring tranquility to whoever spends time there.

7. Full White Kitchen Basement

small kitchen in basement ideas
Picture by Capilano Builders

A simple kitchen without any decoration is not always bad. Similar to this kitchen basement, it has limited space and white appliances. Besides that, most of its part has a full white touch, and it helps to make the room seem not too narrow.

8. Rustic Kitchen Decoration

basement apartment kitchen ideas
Picture by Property Revision

The corner kitchen is an excellent idea for a small space like this basement has. It has an artistic wall behind open wood shelves, making it look rustic. Thus, we can consider it one of the small kitchen basement ideas with entertaining decor.

9. Up-to-date Kitchen Style

tiny basement kitchen ideas
Picture by Pascucci Marble and Granite

Metallic seating and appliances in this kitchen are very shiny and show the room’s modern style. Other than that, they match the dark wood cabinets and are suitable for the beige backsplash. Also, additional seating in the corner of the room makes the kitchen feel more comfy and functional.

10. Basement’s Black Kitchen Appliances

basement kitchen ideas small
Picture by MIRA Floors and Interiors

Although it only uses a small part of the basement, this kitchen looks complete and gorgeous. It consists of cabinets, open shelves, black appliances, and a peninsula. Besides, using a large window in the middle of the room helps freshen the kitchen’s atmosphere.

Modern Basement Kitchen Ideas

Choosing the right kitchen style is also as crucial as selecting the quality of appliances. In this case, the kitchen we must pay attention to is built in the basement. Additionally, there are so many great styles for the kitchen basement, and one of the best is called modern style.

Modern is one of the great choices for the basement among many kitchen styles. It always adorns the room excellently and makes the kitchen look stylish and up-to-date. Furthermore, a modern kitchen is perfect for those who fancy neutral colors and decor that does not look too much. Here are some kitchen ideas for the basement with a modern touch that might inspire you.

1. Homey Transitional Kitchen

low ceiling basement kitchen ideas
Picture by Matrix Basement Systems, Inc.

If you are looking for a homey kitchen in basement ideas, this one could be an excellent recommendation. It seems warm and captivating with beautiful pendants and cute decorations. Also, the whole room decor shows that it is a super family-friendly kitchen.

2. Clean and Fresh Design

basement kitchen design ideas
Picture by trica design studio

Black ceramic tile backsplash and wood cabinets in one room signify a gorgeous contemporary style in this kitchen. Its l-shaped countertop is completed with a sink and an induction stove. Besides, the whole design makes us forget that this fascinating kitchen is built in a basement.

3. Basement Wooden Wall

basement kitchen cabinet ideas
Picture by D&G Construction

Although most of this basement is covered in white walls, a touch of wood can still be seen on the kitchenette. Meanwhile, the kitchen’s design looks good with its simplicity and few pieces of furniture. Furthermore, the wood accent on the floor matches the ones on the wall and creates a modern industrial style.

4. Two Rooms Combination

basement kitchen ideas with island
Picture by Haggard Home Cabinetry & Design

A soft color touch in this basement makes it feel homey and comfortable for family gatherings. It has a combination of gray and white on the walls and furniture. Besides, the basement looks super large with the kitchen that opens to the living room.

5. Fashionable Metallic Kitchen

kitchen ideas for basement
Picture by Hadley-Irvine General Contracting LTD

Metallic gray appliances make this kitchen look trendy and luxurious. Also, installing a mosaic backsplash increases the kitchen’s decorative side. To sum up, a modern style is perfectly applied in this kitchen basement.

6. Spacious and Lively Basement

basement kitchen layout ideas
Picture by Kitchen & Bath Shop – Alexandria

Comfy and dreamy feelings are two great experiences we might feel inside this basement. It combines a kitchen and a living room in one area, proving that the basement is spacious. Furthermore, the basement looks neat and bright because of the white touch all over the room and the excellent placement of furniture.

7. Dark brown Cabinetry

small basement kitchen design ideas
Picture by Matrix Basement Systems, Inc.

If you try to find small space basement kitchen ideas, this one is perfect, especially with many cabinets. Moreover, the cabinets form an l shaped kitchen which can save more space. Besides, quartz countertops and mosaic backsplash allow the kitchen to show its beautiful part. 

8. Elegant White Kitchen

basement mini kitchen ideas
Picture by Minoli – Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Spacious and contemporary are perfect elements for this kitchen basement. It looks elegant with white walls and cabinets. Then, the kitchen floor seems excellent with beige porcelain tile increasing its exquisite look and large area.

9. Creative Two-toned Room

finished basement ideas with kitchen
Picture by Bella Home Design

A two-toned concept in this kitchen results from the combination of cabinets and wall colors. It looks not only contemporary but also very creative. Furthermore, the kitchen area is spacious and suitable for a basement.

10. Trendy Large Basement

basement kitchen and bar ideas
Picture by Schultz Builders LLC

A lovely island in the middle of this kitchenette becomes a sign of a trendy basement. Besides, this room has a functional beige counter with large cabinets above it. Then, installing two pendant lights above the island creates a fascinating and trendy look into the kitchen.

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In conclusion, the kitchen basement ideas above are several best examples divided into three types. Whether we choose to use a bar, apply a modern style, or have a problem with size. However, when selecting the ones for your basement, make sure it fits what you need and what kind of design you wish to have. Besides, it is also essential to pay attention to the size so that you can have your dream kitchen basement without any problems.

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