Wonderful Kitchen Bay Window Ideas on 2022

Kitchen Bay Window Ideas. A house without a window would be difficult, especially in a kitchen. Moreover, the kitchen needs good air circulation and excellent quality of light. It is the reason why the installation of a window is essential. Although some kitchens have stove hoods or bright lighting, installing windows still cannot fully replace those two. 

Bay window is a type of window that combines three or more windows with a space projecting outwards. Not only is this window often installed in a bedroom or living room, but it also can be available in a kitchen. Here, we have collected some awesome bay window ideas for kitchens that might inspire you.

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Breakfast Nook Kitchen Bay Window Seating Ideas

Spending more time in the kitchen is not strange but can be a great idea instead. It could be the most functional space in the house that we can use to cook, eat a meal, and even relax. Therefore, adding a comfortable room such as a breakfast nook or seating area with a nice view is essential.

Usually, a breakfast nook is built near a bay window to feel the fresh atmosphere from outside. It could be the comfiest and homey seating area in this part of the house. Besides, we also need to pay attention to the bay window and make sure it fits the kitchen’s characteristics. Thus, here are kitchen bay window seat ideas to inspire you on designing yours.

1. Elegant Farmhouse Style

kitchen bay window ideas
Picture by Meredith Ericksen

Super large windows with a breakfast nook would create a fantastic experience while enjoying the meal in this kitchen. Also, the vertical sliding bay window allows the owner to see the outside view while cooking. As a result, we can consider this kitchen one of the most elegant kitchen bay window seating ideas with a beautiful view.

2. Exquisite Large Window

breakfast nook kitchen bay window seating ideas
Picture by Mowlem & Co

An enormous bay window for this large kitchen is charming and impressive. It brings a positive feeling because the window directly faces the seating area. Thus, the space around the window is excellent for the owner to spend time watching the backyard while eating the meals or chatting with family members.

3. Fresh and Contemporary

kitchen bay window curtain ideas
Picture by Truly Bespoke Furniture

White kitchen is often identical to contemporary style like this kitchen has. Its bay window is very tall and allows the sunlight to shine the room excellently. Besides, the window has no curtain, making the kitchen look fresher.

4. Tall Bay Window for Dining Area

kitchen bay window decorating ideas
Picture by Adam Houzz

A large and tall bay window allows the natural light to support this kitchen’s lighting. However, if it is too bright and the weather is getting hot, the use of a roller blind can be very functional. It is also essential to protect the seating area from the heat of the sunlight.

5. Comfy Bay Window Seat

kitchen bay window seating ideas
Picture by Eleven Interiors

A breakfast nook in this window bay is super comfy and fun. It can bring a delightful feeling and freshen our mind while spending time eating or just sitting there. Besides, the seat looks lively with earthy colors and some puffy pillows. 

6. Chic and Classical Room

bay window ideas kitchen
Picture by Traditional Kitchen Houzz

Cute curtains and an adorable seating area become the center of attention while looking at this kitchen design. Additionally, the slide bay window has simple white frames that fit the room’s gray walls. To sum up, all of those combinations of kitchen decoration bring a classical atmosphere into the room.

7. Fresh and Bright Kitchen

bay window kitchen ideas
Picture by Transitional Kitchen Houzz

A bright kitchen is a dream for some people, especially this white transitional kitchen. Its bay window is quite large and easily allows the natural light to shine in the seating area. It also makes the kitchen look cleaner and healthier.

8. Box Bay Window for Dining Table

bay window in kitchen ideas
Picture by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

Imagine eating your meal while watching the bird and green trees in the morning through this glass bay window. It brings tranquility and a beautiful experience when a large window is combined with a seating area. Besides, folding curtains can be one of the best kitchen bay window treatment ideas for those who fancy beautiful decoration.

9. Modern Bay Window

small kitchen bay window ideas
Picture by Zugai Strudwick Architects

A galley kitchen often has a long space as this kitchen has. It has a lot of windows, and the most beautiful one is the one with the seating and curtains. Moreover, this glass bay window is big and directly faces the park so that the owner can enjoy the outside view peacefully.

10. Exquisite Outside View

bay kitchen window ideas
Picture by Winwood Mckenzie Architecture

A whole glass window in a kitchen is a perfect idea, especially for a contemporary kitchen. It lets us see the outside view from any angle inside the room. Moreover, the kitchen could be more trendy and entertaining by adding a reading nook.

Kitchen Sink Bay Window Ideas

The sink is one of the most critical elements for a kitchen, and it would be challenging without it. Besides, we can find so many kitchen sink types, and it always functions the same. Moreover, installing a sink over a window could be a perfect decision because we can see the outside view directly while washing our hands. 

Combining a bay window and a sink in one area is an excellent idea. Since the bay window is often enormous, it will bring a better experience and good natural lighting. Also, installing a sink near it can save more space and make it more orderly. Therefore, take your time to look at these bay kitchen window ideas completed with sinks.

1. Classical Glass Window

kitchen bay window treatment ideas
Picture by Liberty Hill Construction

Placing a sink over a window might be commonly used in a kitchen. However, it looks remarkable in this room with a large bay window and a farmhouse sink. Besides, the window has handles for locks that are safer and easy to open.

2. Shiny Bay Window

kitchen bay window valance ideas
Picture by J.M. Construction, Inc

A combination of a big bay window and a white room like we see in this kitchen produces a shiny and fresh atmosphere. In addition to the accessories, each window has a foldable curtain. As a result, it can also be one of the most unique kitchen bay window curtain ideas.

3. Airy Kitchen Window

kitchen bay window treatments ideas
Picture by Crisp Architects

A house with beautiful scenery in its surroundings is perfect for this bay window. Additionally, the window is in a traditional-style kitchen and perfectly installed over an under-mount sink. It brings a fantastic view that we can see from any perspective from inside the kitchen.

4. Large Open Window

kitchen sink bay window ideas
Picture by KraftMaster Renovations

Multi-colored countertops that extend towards this window look fancy and stunning. Also, the large bay window allows us to see the backyard without any disturbance. Furthermore, we can spend a little time adoring the view while washing our hands on the under-mount sink.

5. Wood-framed Kitchen Window

modern kitchen bay window ideas
Picture by BMLMedia.ie

Homey from the inside and calming view on the outside are two amazing things we might experience in this kitchen. Its open bay window faces the backyard directly and allows the sunlight to shine in the kitchen nicely. Other than that, the window frame is made of wood and matches the countertops.

6. Bay Window for Traditional Kitchen

bay window ideas for kitchen
Picture by Markay Johnson Construction

Classic green cabinets look gorgeous and timeless in this kitchen, especially with a traditional bay window. Additionally, green is the most dominant color used in the kitchen, with a small part of white on the wall. Also, the bay window frame is suitable for the wall and granite countertops.

7. Comforting Corner Window

kitchen bay window seat ideas
Picture by Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

If you are looking for kitchen bay window decorating ideas, this big bay window can be an excellent reference. It is built on the corner between classical mahogany cabinets. Furthermore, we can see an addition of cute window valance, which also be one of the best kitchen bay window valance ideas.

8. Mediterranean Kitchen Bay Window

bay window decorating ideas kitchen
Picture by KraftMaster Renovations

A great inspiration for those who love artistic and elegant kitchen design is here. It has a simple bay window with white frames and is adorned with a floral valance. Additionally, there is also a little space for storing plants near the window so that the room can be lively and fresher.

9. Fancy and Cute Kitchen

bay window seating ideas kitchen
Picture by Harrison’s

A combination of black cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a little touch of gold lines creates a fancy look in this kitchen. However, a bay window, mosaic backsplash, and a blue oven make the kitchen look more adorable. Besides, the small window brings simplicity with its white frames and does not leave its traditional side.

10. Entertaining Orange-framed Window

kitchen bay window decor ideas
Picture by Traditional Kitchen Houzz

Besides white or black, another color for bay window frames like we see in this kitchen is suitable too. It has orange frames that look bright and match the colorful granite countertops. Also, the orange touch represents a cheerful atmosphere both inside and outside the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Bay Window Ideas

Modern style becomes a favorite for those who love a stylish and up-to-date design. It can also be adapted to a kitchen, and the result will never disappoint us. Besides, choosing the right window while designing a modern kitchen is essential too. 

Having a bay window for a modern kitchen provides a lot of advantages. Its size is often large and allows the sunlight to shine in the area so the kitchen can be brighter. Therefore, if you are interested in having a modern kitchen with a bay window, these are bay windows in kitchen ideas with modern style.

1. Creative Sliding Bay Window

kitchen nook bay window ideas
Picture by Preferred Home Builders, Inc.

A sliding window is more practical to open like one of these bay windows has. It is accompanied by two glass windows and installed right over a sink. Furthermore, the bay windows are super large and help create a contemporary style for this kitchen.

2. Window Seat with Natural View

bay kitchen window treatment ideas
Picture by Reliance Design Build

Here, a contemporary dining room looks terrific, with a seating area near a glass bay window. Moreover, the room is large and seems brighter because the window is open to the backyard. Also, the addition of roller blinds instead of curtains can be an excellent choice.

3. Trendy Glass Box

kitchen with bay window ideas
Picture by Hanson Fine Building

A box bay window in this contemporary kitchen is unique and captivating. It is a floor-to-ceiling window with glass material and black frames surrounding it. Moreover, an up-to-date dining table faces the window and allows everyone who sits there to feel relaxed while drinking tea.

4. Lively Beach Style

kitchen curtains ideas bay window
Picture by Kitchens U Build

Dominant white touch in this kitchen with green plants as its accessories look lovely. It also has a bay window that almost covers half the room. Moreover, the window has several curtains that help protect the kitchen from the heat of the sunlight.

5. Charming Bay Window over Sink

ideas for bay window in kitchen
Picture by AHD&Co

Here, we recommend another white kitchen that looks elegant with a framed window over the farmhouse sink. Its quartz countertops near the bay window seem shiny because they reflect the outside light. As a result, the whole kitchen area is neat and clean because of the combination of white color touch and natural light.

6. Impressive Bay Window over Island

kitchen curtain ideas for bay window
Picture by Topnotch Design Studio

A combination of gray walls, white furniture, and wood floors creates simplicity in this transitional kitchen. It has a sliding bay window installed over a farmhouse sink and is surrounded by white cabinets. Besides, the window also has white frames that match the sink and countertops.

7. Alluring Black-framed Window

window treatment ideas for bay windows in kitchen
Picture by KraftMaster Renovations

Among many innovative bay window kitchen ideas, this one has black frames around it. It looks beautiful with the room’s dominant white and gray colors. Furthermore, the window size is not so big or too small, but it can still function well in this large kitchen area.

8. Lovely Round Top Bay Window

kitchen curtain ideas bay window
Picture by Cynthia Karegeannes, Registered Architect

A round top frame on this bay window looks gorgeous. Other than that, the window’s large size allows us to see the view outside the kitchen even when sitting on the dining table area. Also, the room design seems magnificent with transitional style and dominant white color.

9. Small Window for Transitional Kitchen

kitchen bay window curtains ideas
Picture by ALL Design

Installing a kitchen window in the corner is an excellent idea, especially over this farmhouse sink. It creates a good perspective of lights from outside and makes the entire room seem brighter. Moreover, the kitchen’s dominant white cabinets blend well with black countertops.

10. Perfect Light Catcher

bay window treatment ideas kitchen
Picture by BC&J Architecture

Peaceful and inviting are two things to describe from this farmhouse-style kitchen. It has a couple of glass windows over an under-mount sink and faces a beautiful backyard. Besides, with the help of those windows, the kitchen can save more energy for electrical lighting and use natural light during the day.

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To conclude, adding a bay window in a kitchen is also as important as installing other equipment. Its large size brings so many advantages and is suitable for any kitchen as long as we can install it in the suitable space. Therefore, make sure to choose the bay window that fits your kitchen styles and needs. 

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