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Kitchen Peninsula Ideas. A kitchen is one of the important places in a house, and the owner should pay more attention to its design. It is also essential to make this room function excellently. Besides, the kitchen with complete appliances, furniture, and other central equipment is considered very functional. Thus, among those kitchen pieces of equipment, providing a peninsula is perfect for those who want to save more space. 

A peninsula is almost similar to an island that many homeowners use in their kitchens. However, it is different because it has one side attached to the wall while the island is a standing-free unit. Additionally, we can get a lot of advantages by having a peninsula, especially for a smaller kitchen. Here, we have collected some of the best kitchen peninsula ideas to inspire you to have one in your kitchen.

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Kitchen Peninsula Ideas for Small Kitchens

Size often becomes a problem while choosing the right equipment to complete the kitchen. However, there are so many ways to solve it, and one of them is to find the right design. It is also included in choosing the kitchen bar, especially for a room with limited space. 

While bigger kitchens often have an island as the breakfast bar, smaller ones are more suitable with a peninsula. In this case, we need to discuss providing the bar for a small kitchen. Nevertheless, it does not have to be small but fits the kitchen’s needs. Therefore, these are some recommendations of small kitchen peninsula ideas to use as your references.

1. Tiny Breakfast Bar

kitchen peninsula ideas
Picture by Spectra Design Build

If you are looking for small kitchen ideas with a peninsula, this kitchen can provide it. It has limited space but enough to accommodate complete kitchen equipment. Besides, its full white touch that covers almost the entire room makes the kitchen not seem too narrow. Also, the peninsula is very tiny and fits the kitchen size perfectly.

2. Classic Brown Peninsula

peninsula kitchen ideas
Picture by Kristen Wall

Among many kitchen layout ideas with peninsula, this one has a classic u-shaped kitchen in a smaller space. It has a simple bar with a wooden worktop and is completed with two comfy chairs. Also, the peninsula is attached to a wall that is a barrier to other rooms. As a result, the kitchen adopts a transitional style with stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and black countertops.

3. Lovely Peninsula for Limited Space

kitchen peninsula ideas for small kitchens
Picture by Smartstyle Interiors

Having only a small space should never stop us from using proper kitchen furniture and other essential equipment. Similar to this kitchen, size is not a big deal anymore. It looks adorable with soft colors on the cabinets and a big glass window. Besides, the peninsula looks lovely with a rounded end, and it fits the room perfectly.

4. Fascinating Two-toned Kitchen

small kitchen peninsula ideas
Picture by Bauman Custom Woodworking

A combination of white and blue always brings an elegant and calm atmosphere as this kitchen has. It also makes the room seem large even though the actual size is small. Moreover, we can find a peninsula with a shiny quartz worktop that functions well as a breakfast bar. Thus, we can consider this room a small kitchen with peninsula ideas and fascinating design.

5. Bold Eclectic Decor

kitchen ideas with peninsula
Picture by Platform

An eclectic decor will always fascinate us with its aesthetic combination of styles and colors, especially in this kitchen. Although white is the kitchen’s dominant color, a touch of green and light orange appear on the peninsula and the door. It looks bold and adorns the room magnificently. To conclude, this kitchen looks not only gorgeous but also artistic. 

6. Traditional Mid-size Kitchen

peninsula kitchen layout ideas
Picture by Higham Furniture

A large bay window in this kitchen looks super impressive and brings an excellent quality of natural light. Additionally, the whole room is painted white on the walls and furniture. It makes the kitchen look more traditional and elegant. Also, we should not ignore the breakfast bar with its simple design but still, show its charming look.

7. Vintage Wood Furniture

kitchen layout ideas with peninsula
Picture by Performance Kitchens & Home

Classical kitchens with dominant wood furniture can be a favorite choice for those who love vintage style. Those characteristics ideally appear in this kitchen. It looks very traditional, and the way everything is arranged also brings a warm atmosphere. However, we can see some stainless steel appliances, but it does not decrease the kitchen’s fantastic classic look at all.

8. Lovely Transitional Kitchen

kitchen peninsula lighting ideas
Picture by Jameson Design Group

Navy blue cabinets in this white kitchen bring a fresh and lively atmosphere. It looks clean and inviting, especially with a white worktop. Besides, the peninsula bar is ideally placed near a hallway and can be a comfy space for eating and relaxing. Then, the room seems airy and bright because of a large window and those combinations of bright colors, making it look larger than its actual size.

9. Unique Wide Peninsula

kitchen design ideas with peninsula
Picture by Monarch Kitchen Bath & Home

Providing a massive peninsula in this kitchen can maximize its use. Although the kitchen space is small, it does not matter with the size of the bar. Instead, the room is enough to provide space for central kitchen equipment. Then, the combination of wood cabinets, white walls, and stainless steel appliances brings a contemporary look to this kitchen.

10. Simple Bohemian Kitchen

small kitchen ideas with peninsula
Picture by Davenport Building Solutions

Among many small kitchens with peninsula ideas, this one looks elegant with its simplicity and minimalist decor. We can see that the kitchen has a couple of pendant lightings and a tiny peninsula in classical style. Also, the wood accent on the counter, cabinets, and open shelves make the room seem natural. It blends beautifully with white walls and dots mosaic tile floor. 

Kitchen Cabinet Peninsula Ideas

A cabinet is considered one of the essential things in a kitchen. It functions as a storage space and keeps the room clean and orderly. Besides, it can also help adorn the kitchen with its various designs or colors. 

Some peninsulas are also completed with cabinets. It maximizes its use and makes it functions not only as a bar but also for storage. If you are interested in having a peninsula with cabinets, check these recommendations of the kitchen cabinet peninsula below.

1. Elegant White Bar

small kitchen with peninsula ideas
Picture by Mike Taylor Bespoke Kitchens

Although white is the most dominant color in this kitchen, some colors like green and brown are also visible. Moreover, there is a peninsula with cabinets next to a counter and cooking space. It is placed across a large window making the bar look fresher and brighter. Furthermore, the combination of colors, excellent placement, and great quality of light bring a fantastic and elegant look to the kitchen.

2. Mint Green Touch

kitchen peninsula back panel ideas
Picture by The Cousins

If you are interested in peninsula kitchen layout ideas, this kitchen has a u-shape layout. It has mint green cabinets, which have become the center of attention because of their lovely color. We can also find the peninsula with a quartz countertop between the kitchen and dining space. Other than that, the kitchen looks more open and breezy with its large room and many windows.

3. Cute Breakfast Bar 

peninsula kitchen island ideas
Picture by Moneyhill Interiors

A square breakfast bar with a glass cabinet inside looks special in this transitional kitchen. Its size is not big, just like the kitchen space itself. However, it adorns the room excellently and provides additional space for storing things. Furthermore, the kitchen has a lot of storage space, making it look nice and orderly.

4. Traditional Kitchen Vibe

kitchen with peninsula ideas
Picture by Rochman Design-Build Inc.

A warm color tone in this kitchen brings a traditional vibe. It combines yellow walls, wooden cabinets, dark red tile floors, and dim lighting. Besides that, the design looks traditional, making the room seem comfier. Also, its classic peninsula looks complete with storage space.

5. Gorgeous Curved Peninsula

kitchen island peninsula ideas
Picture by Potter Construction Inc

A half-curved peninsula increases the beauty of this kitchen. It has a wood worktop that matches the brown floors and multiple white shaker cabinets. Additionally, the kitchen has light blue walls, suitable for outside scenery. To sum up, the whole kitchen layout looks gorgeous and brings tranquility.

Modern Kitchen Peninsula Ideas

A kitchen with modern style often consists of up-to-date equipment, simple colors, and minimalist features. It looks stylish, open, and offers a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, it is also applied to furniture in a modern kitchen, especially a peninsula.

The kitchen peninsula is also convenient in a stylish room. It is available in many styles and designs. Therefore, if you are interested in modern kitchen ideas with peninsula, consider these recommendations below.

1. Small Wooden Countertop

kitchen peninsula wall ideas
Picture by Martin Blake Associates ltd

Although a peninsula can save more space in a narrow kitchen, this one looks suitable in a large room. Meanwhile, it has a tiny size but still functions well. It is attached to a white counter and becomes a divider between the cooking area and a dining table. To sum up, this wooden countertop peninsula might be small, but it adorns the kitchen nicely and is a part of the central kitchen units.

2. Contemporary Glass Peninsula

kitchen cabinet peninsula ideas
Picture by PRP Architects

A glass peninsula in this kitchen brings a unique and contemporary style. Its shape is a bit curved, and the glass is transparent. Additionally, it is surrounded by several trendy chairs and a comfortable breakfast bar. Then, a beautiful warm tone inside this kitchen increases a peaceful and calm atmosphere. 

3. Stylish U-shaped Kitchen

kitchen remodel ideas with peninsula
Picture by Coates Design Architects Seattle

An open concept window with a stunning view on the outside makes this u-shaped kitchen look unique and modern. A breakfast bar is also ideally placed near the window and the counter. Its size is relatively small but enough for two comfortable seats. Besides that, the kitchen looks stylish and complete with stainless steel appliances, beige cabinets, and black countertops.

4. Colorful Seating Area

modern kitchen peninsula ideas
Picture by Paul Leach Photography

To liven up the atmosphere in this kitchen, the owner mixes some unusual bright colors. These colors include purple on the chair, green pendants, black countertops, and white cabinets. It is very colorful and lively, especially in a large white room. As a result, those many combinations of colors allow the kitchen to show its contemporary style.

5. Metallic Kitchen Units

peninsula island kitchen ideas
Picture by Alex Maguire Photography

If you ever thought of having a kitchen with a bit of futuristic touch, this kitchen could be a perfect recommendation. It has a modern interior and unique architecture design. However, what makes it special is the stainless steel material on the cabinets, worktop, and peninsula. Its metallic gray blends well with white walls and other eye-catching kitchen equipment.

6. Shiny Gray Breakfast Bar

ideas for kitchen peninsula
Picture by Blackline Renovations

Placing a breakfast bar near the window as this kitchen has is a fantastic idea. It is not only for having a good layout but also to get an excellent perspective of light. Moreover, the bar looks shiny with a gray countertop. It also seems natural with wooden material that matches the cabinets.

7. Lovely Sleek Peninsula

back of kitchen peninsula ideas
Picture by Lehman Design Studio

Shiny and elegant furniture is a sign of contemporary style in this kitchen. Moreover, the peninsula looks captivating with wood chairs and tiny pendant lights. Besides, the kitchen is also surrounded by gray cabinets and glass windows. It increases the room’s enchanting look and allows us to see the outside view while sitting on the breakfast bar.

8. Warm and Peaceful Atmosphere

small kitchen remodel ideas with peninsula
Picture by Simple Kitchens

Placing a breakfast bar in the middle of the room could be an excellent idea, especially in this large kitchen. Its counter is super long and completed with classic wood worktops. Also, the kitchen seems warm and peaceful because of its lovely layout and the choice of lighting. Furthermore, we should not forget about the elegant white cabinets that match the walls and travertine floors.

9. Charming Modern Kitchen 

kitchen peninsula decorating ideas
Picture by Kathy Bloodworth Interior Design

A beautiful wooden breakfast bar matches this kitchen’s counter and its cabinets. It seems appealing when it is paired with maroon walls and black seats. Additionally, the whole kitchen layout looks very neat and inviting. It also seems more open and spacious. 

10. Trendy Small Room

small kitchen peninsula design ideas
Picture by Ecostruct LLC

Limited space does not become an obstacle inside this small kitchen. It is still trendy and functional with complete equipment. Meanwhile, most storage has a wood accent that blends well with stainless steel appliances and white countertops. Also, the peninsula helps to maximize the kitchen’s use and adorn it elegantly.

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In conclusion, the peninsula is also an essential part of the kitchen. Its function is similar to the island, but it is suitable for limited space. Thus, if you have not decided which kitchen design ideas with peninsula are ideal for you, make sure to consider our recommendations above.

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