Brilliant Kitchen Range Hood Ideas on 2022

Kitchen Range Hood Ideas. The kitchen is the place or area where you spend time daily while in the home. Cooking, eating, and talking with friends and family are all activities in your kitchen. It means that your kitchen’s air quality will be affected by how clean it is. If the kitchen has a lot of cooking going on without any ventilation, the air is full of smoke, grease, and other particles. The solution to this problem is a range hood.

Kitchen range hoods can take up a lot of space in your kitchen, depending on the size, shape, and design. There are many options for painting or covering the range hood to match your kitchen’s color scheme. The most common range hood is near the stove, but there are many other options. Some people prefer to have it by the door leading into the kitchen from outside, while others may want it by the island in their kitchen.

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Why is it important to have a kitchen range hood?

Do you know that your kitchen range hood is an important part of your home? It will protect your family and you from the dangerous fumes, toxic gasses, and particles in the air. This includes cooking bacon, sausages, sauces, oils, meats, fish, and poultry. The exhaust fan in the concealed rangehood filters out the dangerous substances to let clean air flow back into your home.

Materials, features, and energy efficiency

Many people decide on the materials and features of their kitchen range hood before considering its energy efficiency. When thinking about what material to choose for your range hood, consider what you’d like the look of it to be and what features will best suit your needs. Many different materials, including stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, can be chosen based on aesthetics and durability.

Energy efficiency is another important factor that should be considered when considering a range hood. Look for features like energy-efficient motors and ventilation filters to ensure the range hood can function its best. There are many different types of motors of the range hood that can be chosen from. The most common range hood motors are electric, wall-mounted, and ducted-electric.

There are many different types of range hoods

The different types of range hoods in this era are many. If you’re in the market searching for a new one, it can be tough to figure out which type is best for you. Hopefully, this article will help solve some confusion and problems on choosing the best kitchen range hood.

1. Wall-mounted Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

One of the more popular range hood styles is the wall mount range hood. Wall Mount Range Hoods are installed on the wall above your stove. Sometimes you may have to take away a portion of the cupboard higher up above your stove to produce the best video for capture, which is required to be at least 28 inches tall to 36 inches tall above the cooktop.

2. Under-cabinet Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

If you like a low-profile style for your kitchen, under cabinet range hoods might be just right for you. An awesome benefit of using under cabinet hoods is that you don’t have to take out any kitchen cabinets before starting the range hood. You will be setting this range hood below your cabinet instead of on the wall.

3. Island Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

Do you have a kitchen island that is fitted with a range hood? If so, you can install that island range hood above your cooktop. Island range hoods are affixed to the ceiling above your stove. And also vent out of the home by ductwork going through the ceiling.

4. Wall Ventilation Fans

Some homeowners option to place a wall ventilation system in their kitchen area instead of a range hood. While they can be beneficial in situations where the ventilation is poor, a fan system might not be as effective in clearing out strong smells or pollutants quickly if your kitchen’s ventilation is poor.

5. Downdraft Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

A downdraft range hood is a great option for individuals looking for a discreet ventilation option. A downdraft hood tucks away behind your cooktop until you finally begin cooking, giving you a clean appearance and helping your kitchen blend with the rest of your residence.

6. Insert Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

An insert hood can be inserted into your cabinetry above the stove or cooktop, allowing for a custom approach for a contemporary kitchen design. It is usually equipped with standard range hood capabilities, including blowers, speed controls, and lighting systems. Still, it does not feature a fully functional ventilation system like other range hoods.

Kitchen Range Hood Ideas with Photo

The ideas of a range hood for your kitchen are many. Choose the perfect one for your kitchen and make your kitchen more friendly and healthy. Let’s see the ideas of the kitchen range hood with the photo below:

1. Convenient Kitchen Style

kitchen range hood ideas
Picture by David Wilkes Builders

Changing your kitchen became a simple and convenient place to spend time with your family is nice. Most homeowners want to have this kitchen style, with several things supporting it with the natural material and sleek kitchen appliances. The stainless steel kitchen range hood ideas, refrigerator, and oven are perfectly blended into the cabinets and countertops. It makes this kitchen look attractive and also calm.

2. Traditional Kitchen Range Hood

kitchen island range hood ideas
Picture by Weaver Custom Homes

The design of this range hood kitchen is matched to the traditional style. Because the stainless steel material makes it easy to mix with other appliances and materials. This kitchen uses the traditional kitchen as the main design, with the old cabinets and the island style. Also, the countertops and backsplash support that design too.

3. Trendy Kitchen Design

range hood ideas kitchen
Picture by Matthew Millman, Scavullo Design

This kitchen range hood is very nice, and it makes the kitchen look very trendy and colorful. Stainless steel kitchen range hood maxed perfect to the backsplash. The glass tile backsplash is one of the main points of this kitchen. The blending of colors in this kitchen is nice, and it makes this kitchen look joyful and trendy.

4. Centered Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

kitchen with range hood ideas
Picture by K. Miller Interiors

Having a big kitchen area in your home, trying this kitchen style will be perfect. Then, this kitchen combines the u-shaped kitchen with a centered range hood with the traditional backsplash pattern. Moreover, combining all the colors, appliances, and materials in this kitchen is wonderful.

5. Traditional Kitchen with Chimney Hood

modern kitchen range hood ideas
Picture by Buckminster Green LLC

This traditional kitchen looks nice with the same tone of color. The color of the hood and other appliances is the same, making this kitchen look nice. Then, it has a nice combination with the blue backsplash. The blue backsplash with a traditional pattern makes this kitchen look traditional. Also, wood material supports the feeling of tradition in this kitchen.

6. Modern Kitchen Range Hood Design

kitchen hood range ideas
Picture by Bauer Metal

The modern design of this era is very familiar because it looks expensive and special. One of the most popular colors in modern kitchens is black. Because it brings an elegant feeling, like this range hood, it gets a costume cover with the black color. Which perfectly shows the elegance of the kitchen design.

7. Hidden Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

small kitchen range hood ideas
Picture by Bauer Metal

This kitchen range hood is a little bit invincible because of the design of the range hood cover. The cover’s design is the same as the cabinet. It looks wonderful. This traditional kitchen design is wonderful—the color and the material change to a fresh and calm feeling.

8. Downdraft Kitchen Hood

range hood kitchen ideas
Picture by Reliance Design Build

This transitional kitchen uses a downdraft hood, making it look simple and sleek. Also, the hood is on the island of this kitchen, so it brings a special look to the kitchen. Then, most appliances and materials are designed with the same tone and style.

9. Copper Range Hood Kitchen Ideas

white kitchen range hood ideas
Picture by Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

Copper range hood kitchens are becoming popular to use right now because the materials are strong and long-lasting. Also, right now, the copper range hood kitchen is made with the newest design. It makes this kitchen possible to use on every single kitchen design. Like this transitional kitchen, use a copper range hood as the main view of the kitchen.

10. Craftsman Kitchen Hood

kitchen range hood design ideas
Picture by Van Cleave Architecture + Design

This craftsman kitchen uses the downdraft hood on the island kitchen style. It is a mix of modern and natural materials combined in this kitchen. Moreover, combining those appliances and materials makes this kitchen look rustic but elegant and expensive.

11. Rustic Kitchen Range Hood Ideas

copper range hood kitchen ideas
Picture by Raw Urth Designs

Galley kitchen design has become familiar because it makes cooking activities easier and more enjoyable. Then, the appliances and tools provide those feelings too. This kitchen design combines rustic and modern designs. It’s nice to have this design in your kitchen home.

12. Contemporary Kitchen Island Hood

kitchen backsplash ideas around modern range hood
Picture by Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

How to make your contemporary kitchen look spacious, try to make a design like this kitchen. Have a big space in the kitchen, making a big island in the middle. Then, what makes this kitchen look unique? The range hood on the island makes this kitchen look luxurious and special.

13. White Range Hood 

houzz kitchen range hood ideas
Picture by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

A hidden kitchen range hood like this design is very nice to copy. The design of this kitchen brings a fresh feeling because of the color and the style. Also, the material of the kitchen makes it look fresh and new. Then, some furniture like kitchen rug, chairs, light, and hood make it look clear and clear.

14. Traditional Downdraft Kitchen Hood

glass range hood ideas in kitchen with tile behind
Picture by Crisp Architects

Having a traditional kitchen design didn’t force you to use traditional appliances and tools. Like this kitchen design, it uses a modern downdraft hood. It makes this kitchen clear and clean. So, combining traditional and modern designs in the kitchen will be possible.

15. Ordinary Kitchen Peninsula Hood

kitchen range hood design ideas english country
Picture by The Cousins

This design is a standard kitchen range hood ideas for the peninsula. The size and material of the kitchen hood match the kitchen area. Also, the compact style of this kitchen is nice to create if you only have limited space in your home.

16. Island Craftsman Kitchen Hood

kitchen range hood ideas rectangular white
Picture by SweisKloss

A comfortable kitchen design with an island like this is nice to create in your home. The design of the kitchen is focused on craftsman skills. Almost all materials use natural materials like wood. Also, the island hood has a simple wood touch on it, making it perfectly blend into the kitchen style. 

17. Cottage Kitchen Hood Design

ideas for kitchen range hood covers
Picture by Sullivan Building & Design Group

This design uses the cottage kitchen design on all-around space in the kitchen. It makes the kitchen feel fresh because the material and color of the kitchen are very good to bring those feelings. Moreover, the hidden range hood design is perfectly mixed with the look of this kitchen.

18. Transitional Kitchen Range Hood

kitchen ideas range hood
Picture by Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc.

The custom kitchen range hood cover makes it look invincible. It makes the hood hidden and blends into the cabinets of this kitchen. Also, the color of the hidden hood is the same as the other. The main color of this kitchen is white, and it makes the kitchen look clean and bright.

19. Rustic Kitchen Style

kitchen with wall mounting range hood ideas
Picture by Witt Construction

Using dark wood and bricks as the main material in this kitchen is a clever idea. It makes this rustic kitchen still look expensive and elegant. Then, the design of the kitchen is very nice. The design of the kitchen hood uses the traditional or old style of hood. But it still gives the modern touch to the material and lighting on it.

20. Contemporary Kitchen Hood Ideas

kitchen island range hood cabinetry ideas
Picture by Jute Interior Design

Simple kitchen design with the full white color combined with blue patterned backsplash makes this look beautiful. The pop-up color from the stove, hood, and refrigerator make another view of this kitchen. Also, the stand-out backsplash is nice. It makes this kitchen look alive.

21. Modern White Kitchen Hood

simple southwesstyle kitchen range hood ideas
Picture by Croma Design Inc.

The hood gives a special touch to the wall of this kitchen—a sleek and clean kitchen design with the white color combined with the stainless appliances. The simple range hood on this kitchen is mixed nicely to the wall and the stove.

22. Traditional Copper Kitchen Hood

kitchen with wall mounting range hood ideas houzz
Picture by Andrew Roby General Contractor

This other copper kitchen hood combines with traditional style. The hood makes the traditional design appear perfectly. Then, the hood on this kitchen gives a special look, making the eyes focus on it first.

23. Costume Kitchen Range Hood

kitchen backsplash ideas with range hood
Picture by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP

This kitchen range hood on the island is nice to see. Because the design of the range hood is unique, combined with the special lighting on it, it will make your cooking experiences joyful.

24. Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

kitchen range hood with shelf ideas
Picture by Pinnacle Mountain Homes

The rustic kitchen can combine with another kitchen style, like this kitchen design using rustic as the main design but combined with the modern appliances and material. Also, the hood’s cover is the same as the cabinet, and it makes the hood invincible.

25. Glass Kitchen Range Hood

kitchen range hood ideas rectangula white
Picture by Schweigen Home Appliances

Having a glass hood in your kitchen is awesome. It will make your kitchen look elegant and glamorous. Also, the kitchen will be nice to see and create a great atmosphere in the kitchen. Moreover, coming with the black color also supports those feelings.

Cleaning the Kitchen Range Hood

A kitchen range hood needs to be cleaned daily. Ensure to clean your range hood annually or after each time you cook a dish that creates a lot of grease, dust, or odors. This helps to prevent messes from being left behind. There are many ways to clean your range, but one popular way is with a vacuum cleaner. Using the vacuum cleaner will help suck up any dust particles or residual food that may have fallen onto the range’s surface, which can then be easily swept away. If you prefer not to use a vacuum cleaner, try to wipe the range hood off with a clean, damp rag.

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In conclusion, many different kitchen range hood ideas can fit your specific needs. There are many benefits to choosing a range hood, but most importantly, having one will keep you breathing fresh air. The best choice for you might be to buy a range hood with the features you need. This will help you enjoy your kitchen and cook with ease because it removes the smoke and condensation from the kitchen.

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