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Kitchen Rug Ideas. One only special place in our home is the kitchen. The kitchen is the best part for the entire family to have and waste their time. Also, the kitchen is the place for all to talk and share the story on that day. In this era, the kitchen became the place to cook and can be the place to hang out with our family or maybe with our friends. That is why changing your kitchen to a cozy and nice place is important.

One of the best things you can do is decorate the kitchen. A kitchen with beautiful decorations will make it more friendly and pleasant. You can start it by adding some rugs to your beloved kitchen. Why rugs? Because you can talk while cooking or washing dishes. Or maybe, enjoying the food in front of your kitchen backsplash, nook, stove, or island. Giving comfort rugs on there makes sharing and talking more nice and enjoyable.

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Kitchen Rugs Ideas

In this part, we will talk about the rugs which can be matched to all kitchen styles. A kitchen with rugs is very nice, and it will make your kitchen more valuable. This is a kind of rug that is perfect for your kitchen setup.

1. Galley kitchen rug ideas

kitchen rug ideas
Picture by JAC Interiors

The transitional kitchen style like this is nice to have a rug on it. The simple design of the galley kitchen with the blue color cabinets and stainless steel appliances makes this kitchen look elegant. The bohemian style of rugs is really nice to combine with the design of this kitchen. This rugs design can be the best option for your kitchen.

2. Simple mid-century kitchen rug

kitchen area rug ideas
Picture by risa boyer architecture

This kitchen style uses a simple theme. Only using white and wooden color for all appliances and cabinets make this kitchen calm and tidy. Then, the combination of shabby chic rugs makes this kitchen look awesome. Also, the perfect choice of kitchen stools makes this kitchen become the perfect place to gather.

3. Transitional kitchen rug ideas

modern kitchen rug ideas
Picture by Fitch Hill

Using of oriental rug style in your kitchen will be a nice idea. Like this kitchen, it uses small oriental blue rugs as the main rug ideas in the kitchen. The combination of colors makes the rug pop up below the kitchen. The white color for all kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen look clean. It makes the other color pop up significantly in this kitchen.

4. Urban farmhouse kitchen rug

farmhouse kitchen kitchen rug ideas
Picture by Lisa Gabrielson Design

This urban farmhouse kitchen is really cute. The color of this kitchen is all white with the traditional finishing. Then, the combination of the blue rug and the blue light makes this kitchen look simple. Also, placing appliances, stove, sink, and backsplash makes this kitchen a really nice copy of your kitchen.

5. Modern kitchen with simple rug

farmhouse kitchen rug ideas
Picture by KrimsonHAUS

Not every modern design uses expensive and glamorous appliances and furniture. This modern kitchen with color makes this kitchen look fresh and airy. Also, the simple touch of the kitchen rug makes this kitchen look very nice. The rug didn’t change the modern and simple way of this kitchen design.

6. Traditional L-shaped kitchen design

kitchen table rug ideas
Picture by Heartwood Kitchens

The design of this kitchen uses traditional kitchen ideas with a full white color combined with the traditional design of the appliances and furniture. Then, add a simple rustic rug as the support of a traditional look on this kitchen.

7. Modern coastal L-shaped kitchen rug

rug in kitchen ideas
Picture by LEVEL UP Design LLC

The kitchen with full white color is awesome. Because white color will make our kitchen look fresh and clean, also, it showed up in this kitchen. It is combined with modern appliances and simple touches of the island with wood material. Then, adding a vintage kitchen rug makes this kitchen bring another feeling while looking at it. So, this kitchen can be the best reference for creating an impressive kitchen design.

8. Beach style kitchen rug

kitchen rug ideas pinterest
Picture by Design Directions

The beach-style kitchen uses a simple u-shaped kitchen with a generic color of beach-style kitchen style. It was combined with several things of farmhouse style. Also, add a rustic kitchen rug, make it look nice, and perfectly blend to the tonewood floor.

9. One wall kitchen rug

rug ideas for kitchen
Picture by Fireclay Tile

The design of this kitchen is very simple. Then, the concept of furniture and appliances makes this kitchen gorgeous. Have an island with nice color and nice countertops. It is perfectly blended to the color of the boho style of kitchen rug. It makes this kitchen look fresh and friendly. 

10. L-shaped kitchen with the two-tone color

large kitchen rug ideas
Picture by Cabinetry Of Pinehurst

The pearl white color on this kitchen design is the main focus. Combined with the two tones of the floor, this kitchen has a special look. Then, the island color and countertop create a new feeling in this kitchen. Also, the kitchen rug will help the kitchen look more spacious with the same tone of cabinets and furniture color.

11. Transitional kitchen rug

small kitchen rug ideas
Picture by KitchenLab Interiors

This transitional kitchen has white color and is combined with a traditional look. Also, the rug makes this kitchen have a new color. The experience of two-tone color in this kitchen really makes the feeling while cooking will boost. 

12. Classic kitchen rug view

gray kitchen rug ideas
Picture by Stark Construction, Inc.

This classic kitchen design is really generic. The standard kitchen design on this kitchen uses a pearl white color. Also, using unique furniture and appliances support the classic design. Then, don’t forget about the kitchen rug ideas. The design of rugs also supports the design of this classic kitchen.

13. U-shaped kitchen rug

round kitchen rug ideas
Picture by SV Design

The elegant design of this kitchen looks really glamorous. Modern appliances and furniture change the feeling of traditional style look expensive. Then, the expensive red rugs kitchen also makes this kitchen stunning.

14. Open kitchen ideas

galley kitchen rug ideas
Picture by New Creations Custom Kitchen and Bath

The open kitchen concept is common in this era. Some people like to have an open kitchen concept to make the atmosphere more friendly. Also, it must be supported by several things, like the appliances, color, cabinets, island, also rug. Combining all those things becomes intoned must be clearly done.

15. Traditional kitchen rug

colorful kitchen rug ideas
Picture by Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

This traditional kitchen concept uses all materials which can make the kitchen look old, like the wood material, the color, appliances, hanging pan, and rug. The support of traditional rug patterns makes this kitchen look very old.

16. Elegant kitchen rug

kitchen rug runner ideas
Picture by Harry Braswell Inc.

An elegant kitchen rug ideas with a glamorous pattern makes this kitchen look expensive. The combination of the rug color is blended into the atmosphere of this kitchen. This elegant eat-in kitchen style makes this kitchen really nice to copy. 

17. Vintage u-shaped kitchen

Picture by Brinton Brosius Inc

The transnational kitchen has many things to change. Because the space and the style of the transitional kitchen are easy to update and combine, like this design, using distressed cabinets on the wall make it have a similar style to the window. Then, the material of cabinets using a flat panel wood make it look natural. Also, it is the same for the island, using wood as the island’s main focus. Moreover, the floor and rug are nicely combined with the style and design of this kitchen. Make it look simple and natural.

18. Brown rug ideas

Picture by Peter Tart Architect

The kitchen uses brown as the main color. So, to make it sweat, using a brown color for the other appliances and furniture is a must. The cabinet and floor use the wood brown color to create a harmonious feeling. Also, the rug supports the tone of color with the traditional style of rug. The rug gives a new pattern to this standard l-shaped kitchen. Also, don’t forget about the green color on the wall accent. That color brings a fresh atmosphere while cooking in this kitchen.

19. Full-color kitchen rug

Picture by Design Studio on 2nd

Having a basic kitchen color like black and white color will be boring. But, you can change the feeling by adding fresh color to the furniture and appliances, like this kitchen using the white and black color for the cabinets, island, also the wall and using the white marble countertops on the island. It will make your kitchen look monotonous. Using colorful rugs and centerpieces like this kitchen can be the best solution. 

20. Colorful kitchen rug

Picture by Carter Design

This eat-in kitchen style uses a lot of colors to make the kitchen look fresh. A traditional kitchen style like this needs a perfect color when choosing it. The combination of the kitchen color didn’t make it weird, like the countertop using black marble, combined with the white single wall kitchen and the colorful rug. You can use this design in your traditional, mid-century, or transitional kitchen.

21. Unique kitchen style

Picture by Midcentury Kitchen

This kitchen style is really unique. The creativity in choosing the backsplash is very good. It makes this kitchen look expensive and cool. Also, the combination of wood material on the cabinets, island, and the eat-in kitchen style makes this kitchen stunning. Then, the combination color of the backsplash, hood, rug, and cushions is nice. It brings the bohemian feeling while looking at the kitchen. This kitchen style is really good, and it will be worth copying it to your kitchen.

22. Small u-shaped kitchen

Picture by Kristen Elizabeth Design

Small is not a big problem, and you can adjust the appliances and furniture in your kitchen based on what you really need. Also, the style of the kitchen is important too. Using a u-shaped kitchen like this is the best solution for a small space kitchen. Also, this transitional kitchen uses a soft color on the kitchen. It makes this kitchen feel roomy and fresh. Moreover, choosing the pop-up red color on the rug is brilliant. It makes the kitchen have a special touch, so the kitchen doesn’t look monotonous.

23. Indian style of kitchen

Picture by Majestic Builders, Inc.

Having a large kitchen in your home is special. It will be easy to add more furniture to it; also, it makes the atmosphere in the kitchen fresh and roomy. Then, choosing the best material on the countertops is another option you can do. Furthermore, the Indian pattern of the rug gives another view of the kitchen. Also, the red color makes the kitchen look more colorful.

24. White farmhouse kitchen style

Picture by Berg Construction

Having a convenient style of kitchen in your home is a must. One of the best kitchen styles is the farmhouse kitchen style. The farmhouse kitchen style will create a fresh atmosphere in your kitchen. Then, the combination of white color and natural material will make it more perfect. Moreover, using the rug with a pattern in tone with the farmhouse style will make it better. Like this kitchen design, the perfect furniture and appliances make this kitchen look simple but still stylish. 

25. Modern kitchen with a simple rug

Picture by Dirk Denison Architects

Not every modern kitchen design will use expensive and glamorous furniture. Like this modern galley kitchen, using a simple rug design with a simple color makes this kitchen show the other part of a modern kitchen. The cabinets and appliances use the best material and product, so the expensive and special look is still there. But, the rug is fresh and the nice opposite in this kitchen. This style is very nice to copy if you are bored with the standard kitchen you have at home.


In conclusion, in choosing the best rug ideas for your kitchen, you must see several things. You must consider the style and design of your kitchen. Also, don’t forget about the appliances and materials you use in your kitchen. Then, the perfect choice of rug for your kitchen will make the kitchen look special, unique, spacious, or maybe stunning for yourself or your companion. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with what kind of rug color, design, or style can perfectly match your kitchen.

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