30+ Genius Design of Kitchen Window Ideas Over Sink

Kitchen Window Ideas Over Sink. Kitchen window ideas over the sink are an amazing way to add extra light and ventilation to your kitchen. By installing a kitchen window over your sink, you can enjoy all the benefits of natural sunlight while still having easy access to cook food or wash dishes. Many different types of kitchen window designs can work well in any kitchen, so be sure to browse through some inspiration before selecting the perfect one for your space.

Also, kitchen windows over sinks can be a great way to maximize your living space. They offer a nice view of the garden or backyard, but they can also provide ventilation and light. Some people choose to install screens in their windows so that bugs, flies, and other pests don’t bother them, while others enjoy the natural light. Whatever your reason for wanting a window over your sink, many stylish options are available.

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Types of the Kitchen Window

Windows come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can be used for many purposes. They can provide ventilation, allow light into a room, or provide views. Each type of window has its benefits and drawbacks.

1. Bay Window

Picture by Van Cleave Architecture + Design

Bay window design can be quite diverse, depending on the type of window and the style of the kitchen. For example, a bay window in a formal living room may have heavier drapes and more ornate decorations than one in a more casual kitchen. Bay window designs are also often customizable to fit the individual home’s style and needs. 

For instance, you might want to add panes of glass that open up for ventilation in warmer months or choose a design that allows you to see out onto your backyard. In addition to bay windows, several other types of windows can be incorporated into a kitchen design: casement windows, bow windows, double-hung windows, and single-hung windows.

2. Garden Window

Picture by Harrell Remodeling, Inc. / Design + Build

Garden windows are a great way to add a splash of color and nature to any kitchen or garden. There are many types of garden windows, so it’s important to choose one that will complement the design of your home. Here are some tips for choosing the right garden window: First, think about what type of window you want. There are single-pane and double-pane options, both with and without screens. You can also choose a casement window, which opens with a hinge on one side.

3. Picture Window

Picture by Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd

When designing a kitchen, many homeowners opt for a picture window as the room’s focal point. There are a few picture windows to choose from, and each has its advantages. A fixed window is the most common type and can be found in almost any home style. They typically have wooden frames with glass that slides open or closed. They make great spaces for viewing activities outside or just taking in soft natural light. 

A single-pane window also offers plenty of viewing possibilities, but it tends to be more formal looking than a fixed window. This type of window has one pane of glass that is typically set into an ornate frame. They can be used in any home style, but they often look best in traditional or ornate styles. A frameless window is perfect if you want something modern and versatile.

4. Awning Window

Picture by Patricia Brennan Architects

Awning windows are a great way to increase the amount of natural light that comes into a kitchen. Many different types of awnings can be designed to fit any kitchen. Awning windows come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be found in both traditional kitchens and contemporary kitchens. 

When designing an awning window, consider the type of window, the size of the window, and the style of your kitchen. You might want to choose an awning window with or without a frame. You can also choose an awning window with glass or without glass. 

5. Casement Window

Picture by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Casement windows are a popular design for kitchens because they allow light and airflow into the room. They come in different types, including single, double, and triple casements. There are also many different window designs available, from straight-line to arched. The size of the window also is customized to fit the space.

6. Double-hung window

Picture by Jenny Baines, Jennifer Baines Interiors

A double-hung window is a type of window with two panes of glass hinged to the frame. They are popular in kitchens because they let in light and air. Double-hung windows can also be used in other home areas, such as the living room or bedroom.

7. Sliding window

Picture by Madison Modern Home

Sliding windows can be found in many different kitchen designs with various purposes. They allow natural light and airflow into a small space while also providing privacy. Some sliding windows are fixed in place, while others can be slid open or closed.

Kitchen Window Over Sink Ideas

Having a kitchen window in your kitchen is important; it will bring natural light and the best view from the outside. Also, having a kitchen window over the sink will make your kitchen look more aesthetic and better looking. Then, the treatment for your kitchen window sink also makes your kitchen look nice. Let’s see some best kitchen window over sink design and treatment ideas below, which can help you choose the perfect one for your kitchen.

1. Clean White Corner Sink

kitchen windows over sink ideas
Picture by Great Neighborhood Homes

The design of this white kitchen window is farmhouse sink style and combines the idea of lighting over the kitchen sink with a window. The nice crystal pendant lighting makes this kitchen sink window look like a glamor kitchen design.

2. White on the Granite Brown

small kitchen window over sink ideas
Picture by Marengo Morton Architects

Having white color on the kitchen window frame over the sink with the other color is dominant on the granite brown, making this kitchen window pops. Then, three small windows make it look bigger and bring enough light from outside.

3. Full White of Sink Window

window treatment ideas for kitchen window over sink
Picture by Studio M Kitchen & Bath

The kitchen design is full of white color to create a dramatic and intimate situation. The small kitchen window over the sink idea on this kitchen makes it brings a splash of natural light from outside. Then, the touch of traditional window treatment is blended with the sink and faucet.

4. Contemporary Kitchen Window Over Sink

what to put over kitchen sink with no window
Picture by Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture

The contemporary kitchen window in this design is very good, the window bringing a fresh touch. Most of the color can reflect the natural light, so a small amount of light can brighten most of the kitchen area. 

5. Rustic Kitchen Bay Window Over the Sink

kitchen window treatment ideas over sink
Picture by Crystal Kitchen + Bath

The rustic kitchen style is always the best and most durable kitchen design. Also, in this kitchen too, having a big bay kitchen window over the sink can be the best part of this kitchen. It makes it easy and clear to see outside while in the kitchen, and most of the light is from that window.

6. Shades Kitchen Window Treatment

decorating ideas for window over kitchen sink
Picture by 3rd Street Bungalow

Having a galley kitchen design in your traditional kitchen style, creating one line is the most important. Like this kitchen, the cabinet and window are blended perfectly. It makes the kitchen look seamless and makes the kitchen look clean.

7. Big and Clear View

kitchen bay window over sink ideas
Picture by ZeroEnergy Design

The modern kitchen design with the sleek furniture and put smartly make this kitchen look elegant. Then, the color combination of this kitchen is amazing. Also, the big window creates a natural feeling, and the view perfectly comes from outside. 

8. Open Concept Kitchen

over the sink kitchen window ideas
Picture by TRG Architecture + Interior Design

Using a big window over the sink with the open concept kitchen style became necessary. Using three big windows over the farmhouse sink is a brilliant idea. It makes the kitchen look fresh; also, the black color of the kitchen is in tone with the countertops.

9. Kitchen Bay Window Over Sink

kitchen ideas with window over sink
Picture by RAJ Kitchen and Bath, LLC

The big u-shaped kitchen style with the bay window over the sink is marvelous. It gives the kitchen enough light from the outside. Also, the kitchen looks glamorous and huge. Then, the combination of color, furniture, appliances, and accessories makes this kitchen one of the best transitional kitchens.

10. Calm Farmhouse Kitchen

window over sink ideas
Picture by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

The farmhouse kitchen style is identical to the soothing and calm atmosphere. The color and the little natural wood color make this kitchen nice. Also, the window over the sink perfectly matched the design of this farmhouse kitchen.

11. Small Window Over Sink

ideas for kitchen window over sink
Picture by Bartelt. The Remodeling Resource

The traditional design of this kitchen brings a nice idea with a small window. Having a small window is not bad, but you need to be sure about the view outside. Also, don’t forget about the kitchen frame; it’s better to choose a small frame.

12. Deep Sill Window Over Sink

what to put over kitchen sink window
Picture by Denise Quade Design

This kitchen uses a large window over the sink, with a deep sill design to make the kitchen look elegant. The open concept of this kitchen needs more light from the outside; using this window design is a nice idea.

13. Southwest Kitchen Window

how to decorate kitchen window over sink
Picture by Zola European Windows

The combination of material and furniture in this kitchen is very brave. The window over the sink with the large display gives the kitchen enough natural light. Also, the window brings a fresh feeling to the kitchen.

14. Huge Farmhouse Window Over Sink

large kitchen window over sink
Picture by Christine Donner Kitchen Design Inc.

The farmhouse kitchen design with the large space on it is brilliant. Most of us want to have this kitchen design. The feeling while cooking in the huge kitchen is amazing; it makes it more happy and enjoyable.

15. Clear White Electric Kitchen

window over kitchen sink ideas
Picture by Green Apple Design

The treatment of this window over the sink is one of the main focuses. Also, the backsplash is very nice to have in our kitchen too. The style of this kitchen is pure white, making the kitchen clean and fresh. 

16. Wall of Window Over Sink

modern kitchen windows over sink
Picture by EKA Build

Amazing kitchen window design with change to the wall into the window. It makes this kitchen look very bright and has a fantastic view from the outside. It will change the feeling of the kitchen and become spectacular and cheerful.

17. Small Kitchen Bay Window

kitchen windows over sink size
Picture by Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins, Inc.

The small kitchen bay window in this kitchen brings special features and looks. Also, the garden window concept adds more value to this window design. This window treatment and design are nice to add to your kitchen.

18. Hip and Rustic Kitchen Window

kitchen windows over sink home depot
Picture by Arrowtown Construction | General Contractors, Inc.

Having a huge kitchen window is amazing; also, it will be more super if the window is possible to open widely. Like this kitchen window is amazing, the hip and rustic atmosphere support the amazing atmosphere of this kitchen. 

19. Simple Kitchen Window

kitchen cabinets over sink window
Picture by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

The simple design of this kitchen creates a better feeling while cooking. Also, the traditional design of this kitchen creates a calm and cozy atmosphere. 

20. Use Another Color

kitchen sink window curtains
Picture by Lorrien Homes & Remodeling

Try to use other color patterns to make your kitchen look better. This kitchen window over the sink uses white color for the window frame. It makes this window pop out from the other appliances and the furniture.

21. Traditional Kitchen Bay Window

window over sink in kitchen
Picture by fabrichouse

Having a kitchen bay window over the sink in your traditional kitchen is not impossible. Like this kitchen, it uses the kitchen bay combined with garden window ideas. It makes this kitchen look fresh, and also, the traditional feeling is perfectly popped out.

22. Large Rustic Window

kitchen window over sink
Picture by Dan Joseph Architects, LLC

Creating a rustic theme in the kitchen is a fantastic idea. Also, it makes you need to explore more about the matched combination on your rustic theme. You can combine one of the designs using the large kitchen window like this kitchen design. It gives the kitchen a lot of natural light from the outside. 

23. Window Over Sink with Shade

why window over kitchen sink
Picture by Gerald Pomeroy Interiors

Another thing you can do on your kitchen window is the treatment with the natural kitchen window treatment, like this window’s natural window shade. It will make your kitchen feel fresh, and it can be changed to the style of your kitchen. 

24. Corner Kitchen Sink Window

kitchen windows over sinks
Picture by Sunstone Interiors

The corner kitchen sink always has the best view of the kitchen. The unique look from the corner kitchen window makes your kitchen special. Also, it can be combined with the corner kitchen sink, like this kitchen design.

25. Small Center Kitchen Window Ideas Over Sink

kitchen sink window treatment ideas
Picture by KE Interior Solutions

You only have a small kitchen space, but you still need the proper window. So, this kitchen window over the sink can be the best solution. Placing the window in the center of your kitchen makes the kitchen look well decorated and brings fresh and natural light from outside because of the design of the window itself.

26. Wood Kitchen Window Material

kitchen window treatment ideas over sink
Picture by Gridley + Graves Photographers

The combination of natural wood in this farmhouse kitchen is spectacular. It makes the kitchen feel natural and brings a natural atmosphere to the kitchen. Then, the size of the window is important too.

27. Simple Galley Kitchen Window

kitchen windows above sink
Picture by thea home inc

Using a galley kitchen design will affect the style of the kitchen window. Like this kitchen window over the sink, it also used the gallery concept. It must be in the perfect place with a kitchen window on it.

28. Sweet Kitchen Window Ideas over Sink Treatment

Picture by FMSProjects, Inc.

Want to have more privacy in your kitchen? Using this kitchen window over the sink treatment can be the option. It will give you more privacy, but it still looks nice on the view.

29. Traditional Kitchen Window Ideas Over Sink

Picture by Francesca Owings Interior Design

The treatment of the kitchen window over the sink matched the kitchen’s design. The traditional kitchen is very nice to have the kitchen window treatment like that. It makes the atmosphere of traditional feeling come out.

30. Mosaic Kitchen Window Ideas Over Sink

Picture by MAK Design + Build Inc.

Having a cheerful mosaic pattern on your kitchen window is superb. It makes the feeling while cooking or gathering in the kitchen happily. Also, the design of this window is over time because it’s not using too old or modern touch.


In conclusion, many different window ideas can be used in the kitchen over the sink. By using a little bit of creativity, anyone can develop a design that works for their home. Whether you are looking for a new way to light up your kitchen or want to add some extra storage, there is a solution out there that will work for you. So don’t wait any longer; start browsing through these ideas and get started on your new kitchen today! 

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