30+ Exciting Tile Kitchen Countertop Ideas 2022

Tile Kitchen Countertop Ideas. Among other rooms, the kitchen is often completed with many kinds of equipment. Those activities include cooking, cleaning, or other essential activities that we might do in this part of the house. Besides, the kitchen needs proper material for its furniture, especially the ones that we use for countertops. It also helps make the owner feel comfortable while working on the dishes or make sure its durability is appropriate.

Kitchen countertops come in many variations based on the material or designs. As one of those options, tile countertops could be an excellent choice for those who love aesthetic patterns and budget-friendly material. Here we have a collection of kitchen tile countertop ideas to inspire you to choose the best ones for your kitchen, from ceramic to beige or based on the size.

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Ceramic Tile Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Choosing a proper material for tile is essential, especially the ones we use for the countertops. It is to make sure that the tile is durable enough to support the owner’s activity and comfortable. Among many kinds of materials, ceramic is one of the most popular tile countertops that the owner uses in their kitchen. Thus, there are so many ceramic tile countertop ideas for kitchens that are available.

Ceramic tile might be one of the old types of material compared to some modern countertops out there. However, this tile has become a favorite because it is easy to replace, affordable, and available in many varieties. Therefore, here are some recommendations of kitchen countertop ceramic tile ideas to inspire you.

1. Bold Red Countertops

tile kitchen countertop ideas
Picture by RRM Design Group

Identical bold red and ceramic material that we see in these countertops and backsplash adorn the kitchen nicely. Not only does it make the room seem more admirable in visual, but also it can function well because of its large size. Besides, the red countertops look contrasty compared to the white cabinets but still show the kitchen’s beautiful Mediterranean style.

2. Black White Tile

kitchen tile countertop ideas
Picture by Atwood: Fine Architectural Cabinetry

A combination of black and white in this checkered tile countertop brings a neutral atmosphere. It does not look in contrast with wooden and white cabinets. Instead, it could be one of the best kitchen countertop tile ideas for any kitchen design.

3. Bright Blue Ceramic

outdoor kitchen tile countertop ideas
Picture by VELOCIPEDE architects inc

A white kitchen needs a bright color to show a lively and fresh atmosphere. Meanwhile, the blue tile countertops in this kitchen look more luminous and become the center of attention. Besides that, a wooden countertop is combined with the tile, which is unique and traditional.

4. Two-toned Ceramic Tile

kitchen countertop tile ideas
Picture by Myk’s Woodworking

Blue might be a color that kitchen owners commonly use for their ceramic countertops. However, this kitchen has two tones which are light and dark blue, on its tile. It fits well with the wooden cabinets that almost fill the entire room area.

5. Neutral White Countertops

kitchen tile backsplash ideas with black countertop
Picture by Castorama

As one of the most kitchen large white tile countertop ideas, we may experience a homey and peaceful atmosphere in this eat-in kitchen. It has a combination of black and white on the walls and cabinets. Meanwhile, the countertops look trendy with dominant white hexagon tiles and some black tile to make variations.

6. Turquoise Kitchen Counter

ceramic tile kitchen countertop ideas
Picture by Lind Nelson Construction Inc.

Ceramic countertop with turquoise blue brings a lively atmosphere to this traditional kitchen. Its large surface and perfect arrangement of tiles allow the owner to work comfortably. Besides, the kitchen’s spacious area provides enough space to add another counter with wooden countertops.

7. Metallic Red Countertops

ceramic tile countertop ideas kitchen
Picture by Landmark Building Consultants LLC

We can feel a warm and inviting kitchen atmosphere here due to its beautiful rustic style. It has shiny red tile countertops that are made of ceramic. Moreover, the tile’s color tone matches the wood floor, which increases the kitchen’s charm.

8. Matching Backsplash and Countertops

kitchen tile and countertop ideas
Picture by Надежда Курайшевич

Black tiles for countertops are an excellent choice for this rustic kitchen. It matches the backsplash and looks perfect with open cabinets. Besides, the wood walls are as impressive as the countertops and bring a natural atmosphere.

9. Green Hexagon Tile

tile countertop ideas kitchen
Picture by Fireclay Tile

Hexagon tiles for this countertop are meant to create a modern touch in the kitchen. Additionally, the countertop looks captivating with its shape and has a unique green shade. It matches the green sofas in the living room connected to this open kitchen.

10. Timeless Counter Design

kitchen countertop tile design ideas
Picture by David Heide Design Studio

If you are looking for a kitchen countertop with traditional style but still look timeless, this one could be an excellent choice. Additionally, the dark red of the countertops perfectly matches the ceiling, which also fits the cabinets’ beige color. Furthermore, the tiles are ceramic, commonly used for a countertop and backsplash.

Beige Tile Countertop Kitchen Ideas

Colors are tiny touches that we should never ignore while installing a countertop. It should be suitable for the kitchen itself and not ruin the atmosphere. Otherwise, if the color does not fit the room, it will be less exciting and uncomfortable for the owner. 

Additionally, a natural tone of color like beige is excellent for a kitchen tile countertop. It is perfect for those who enjoy elegance and simplicity. Hence, here are several recommendations for kitchen countertop tile design ideas with a beige color tone.

1. Traditional Yellow Countertops

kitchen countertop tile backsplash ideas
Picture by Owen Tile & Marble

Although the tile countertops are different from the ones on the backsplash, it does not decrease the kitchen’s visual appearance. Both simple yellow countertops and blue mosaic backsplash fit each other nicely. Besides, it makes the room seem more bright and colorful.

2. Beige Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertop ceramic tile ideas
Picture by Luna En Agua Designs

Sometimes focusing on the function of the countertops is more critical than paying attention to its appearance. This countertop is large and makes the room look spacious, which means it is very functional. However, the design is simple, and it has a beige touch of color similar to the backsplash.

3. Mediterranean Kitchen Counter

kitchen countertop ideas tile
Picture by Door Factory by Braga

A warm and fancy atmosphere in this kitchen shows a Mediterranean style. Its tile countertops have multiple beige color tones and beautiful patterns on the edges. Then, the counter size can also fit the kitchen space excellently.

4. Mountain Style Kitchen Furniture

kitchen wall mosaic tile ideas with dark countertop
Picture by Maxim Maximov

Applying a rustic style in a house will never disappoint us, especially in this kitchen. Its tile countertop has multiple natural colors that help to freshen the room’s atmosphere. Also, the counter has a nice u-shape and fits the kitchen excellently.

5. Gorgeous Ceramic Tile

beige tile countertop kitchen ideas
Picture by Counter Intelligence with H and S Craftsmen

Choosing the tile size for a countertop might be crucial for some people. However, the tile countertop in this kitchen looks gorgeous and does not seem too big or too small. Also, its ceramic material is durable and looks attractive with a beige touch.

6. Luxurious Tropical Kitchen

terra cotta tile kitchen with wood countertop ideas
Picture by Erin E. Kaiser, Kaiser Real Estate Sales, Inc

A tropical kitchen is identical to a warm, windy, and natural atmosphere. Its equipment must be unique, like what we see in this kitchen, especially the tile countertops. Moreover, the countertops have stunning natural color and look perfect with the entire room design.

7. Farmhouse Style Counter

small kitchen tile countertop design ideas
Picture by Fine Wood Interiors

Farmhouse styles often have a natural color or simple design like those we see in this kitchen. Its tile countertops are ceramic with abstract patterns similar to the backsplash. Besides, the counter is large enough to help the owner prepare the dishes.

8. Classic Simple Patterns

tile countertop ideas for kitchen
Picture by Keith J. Manca Building Company LLC

Since this farmhouse kitchen is not so big, its counter also comes in small size. Meanwhile, the tile countertops seem comfortable with a natural tone and simple patterns on their edges. Besides, its color matches the room’s yellow cabinets, becoming its dominant color.

9. Small Tile Countertops

kitchen large white tile countertop ideas
Picture by Jessica L. Leivo

Having limited space in a kitchen could also mean minimizing the equipment. In this kitchen, the ones that look minimized are the countertops. Nevertheless, its small size does not reduce its good quality or great function.

10. Elegant Light Gray

new kitchen tile countertop ideas
Picture by HOME Stagers, Inc.

White cabinets and stainless steel appliances look lovely with this light gray countertop. Its tile is made of ceramic and matches the white backsplash. Furthermore, the kitchen seems bright and clean with neutral color touch and suitable material.

Small Kitchen Tile Countertop Design Ideas

Considering the size of the house based on our needs is also as important as choosing the suitable material. It also applies to selecting the kitchen’s size, which means we need to carefully pick and arrange the kitchen equipment. Then, small in size means limited space, so that we have to make sure it does not matter as long as the kitchen can support the owner’s activity.

Meanwhile, picking the right countertop for a small kitchen is not always a big problem. Instead, it could be fun to match the room’s design, especially using a tile countertop. Besides, we can modify the colors and patterns so that the area seems more significant. Thus, let us check these small kitchen tile and countertop ideas we have collected below.

1. Enchanting Blue Patterns

kitchen granite tile countertop ideas
Picture by Solomon Rodgers Photography

Unique patterns on the countertops and backsplash look enchanting and fit the blue cabinets in this traditional kitchen. Also, the captivating combinations of blue, brown, and those patterns on the entire room make the kitchen look entertaining. Other than that, the size of the kitchen is not so big, but the space is enough to support the owner to do the cooking activity.

2. Mosaic White Tile

best kitchen tile countertop ideas

A touch of simplicity in this kitchen creates a contemporary and brilliant design, especially on mosaic tile countertops. Moreover, the black and white countertops perfectly match the kitchen’s dominant white walls and furniture. It makes the room look fresh and brighter, creating a beautiful design.

3. Charming Zen Kitchen

tile countertop kitchen ideas
Picture by Asian Kitchen Houzz

While most parts of this kitchen are made of wood, other materials like ceramic are applied on the tile countertops and backsplash. It brings another excellent variation but still makes the room look traditional and natural. Other than that, the blue ceramic looks shiny and freshens the room atmosphere.

4. Classy Gray Tile

tile ideas for kitchen countertop
Picture by Herbert & Stork Homes

A unique kitchen island shape in this small room could help to save more space. Its classic design results from gray tile countertops and wood furniture. Besides, the length of the island and counter is excellent and can provide a large area for the kitchen.

5. Aesthetic Colorful Countertops

porcelain tile kitchen with granite countertop ideas
Picture by Грета Вульф – Greta Wolf

A charming blue kitchen with aesthetic patterns always fascinates us as this kitchen has. Most parts of the room have a combination of white, blue, and other soft colors. Meanwhile, the countertop has bright and colorful tiles which adorn the kitchen elegantly.

6. Fascinating Porcelain Tile

white carrara marble tile kitchen countertop ideas
Picture by ID Design | Irina Derbeneva

An industrial kitchen often has a glossy, neutral, and less colorful touch like we see in this open-concept kitchen. It also has white cabinets that are connected to tile countertops. Other than that, these countertops are made of porcelain and have splendid patterns on the tiles.

7. Multi-colored Tile Countertops

subway tile kitchen ideas black countertop
Picture by Craig Williams LLC

As one of the unique tile countertop ideas for the kitchen, this one has multiple different colors. It brings a fresh atmosphere and looks very creative. Moreover, a combination of blue, black, and gray shows the kitchen’s traditional side.

8. Vintage Green Countertops

rustic kitchen with tile countertop ideas
Picture by Sheri Molder Designs

Pastel green for a countertop creates a vintage style in this kitchen. Besides that, the tiles look glossy because of the ceramic material. Then, this type of l-shaped countertop could save more space if it is built in a small kitchen.

9. Electric Blue Tile

ceramic tile kitchen with green countertop ideas
Picture by Main Street Kitchens

Ceramic countertops and backsplash in this kitchen come in electric blue as its dominant color. Meanwhile, the cabinets are mostly wood, and the kitchen is filled with stainless steel appliances. As a result, tile countertops and wooden furniture create a simple eclectic design.

10. Terracotta Tile Kitchen 

kitchen tile countertop cover up ideas
Picture by CC Interior Designs

A touch of terracotta on the tile of countertops, backsplash, and floor brings a rustic style to this kitchen, especially when it combines with vintage cabinets. The countertops look fascinating and easy to clean because the tile is ceramic. Then, its size is excellent to do the kitchen task, and the visual appearance will never bore our eyes.


In conclusion, choosing tile countertops for a kitchen is not so hard after all. We can consider having the ones that match the kitchen’s design, favorite patterns, or materials. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to make sure it fits our needs. Therefore, those new kitchen tile countertop ideas above can be a perfect recommendation for you to choose.

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