30+ Delightful Tropical Bedroom Ideas (Modern and Classic Design)

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Tropical Bedroom Ideas. A bedroom is one of the essential parts of a house. It is a place where we can have our personal space and spend our time relaxing. Since this room is considered an important area, choosing the right design could be the priority. Besides, there are plenty of astonishing designs that we can choose based on the owner’s personality, house theme, or even favorite seasons. Additionally, warm-season themes are always worth trying, especially the ones that make our room look tropical.

The tropical style is suitable for those who love the breeze and sunny day atmosphere. It is inspired by the tropical climate that often represents fresh and green surroundings. Decorating a bedroom with this style could be an excellent decision. If you are a fan of this lively design, we have collected several tropical bedroom decor ideas to inspire you.

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White Tropical Bedroom Ideas

Pure and elegant are often some of the characteristics of a white bedroom. By choosing this color, we can also mix and match it with other shades, and the result always looks terrific. Additionally, a tropical room design also works nicely in white. Therefore, if you are interested in having a tropical bedroom with a white touch, here are several images of white tropical-themed bedroom ideas.

1. Elegant White-green Touch

tropical bedroom ideas
Picture by Margaret Wright Photography

Placing a bed in the middle of this mid-sized bedroom is an excellent idea, especially with two windows on its left and right sides. Besides, a green leaves painting on one side of the white walls freshens the room’s atmosphere. Meanwhile, other parts that are empty look fantastic with hanging photographs.

2. Neutral Colors Combination

tropical bedroom decor ideas
Picture by Delpino Custom Homes

As one of the neutral colors, white appears dominantly in this bedroom. It also blends naturally with other colors, like green on wall arts or grey patterned carpet on light wood floors. Meanwhile, the quality of natural lights looks excellent with those colors mentioned earlier.

3. Romantic Oceanic Style

tropical themed bedroom ideas
Picture by Delpino Custom Homes

Blue and white are identical to the oceanic style here, and they appear on the wall and the choice of furniture. Other than that, this design creates both a tropical and dreamy ocean-atmosphere. It looks charming and brings comfort to the room.

4. Green Forest Ambience

tropical bedroom decorating ideas
Picture by CREATIVE DESIGN TEAM-Marya Flurnoy

Bring up a little touch of forest scenery by using bamboo wallpaper on the bedroom wall. Then, it looks perfect with the use of green beddings and curtains. Another great idea is to invite the actual bamboo material for the bedside table or curtain rod.

5. Lovely Coastal Bedroom

blue tropical bedroom ideas
Picture by I Spy Designs

The Blue and white combination in this bedroom shows a feeling like we are in a house near the coast. These soft colors blend with dark beige carpet. Moreover, the addition of a small window seat makes the room more comfortable for relaxing.

6. Fashionable Minimalist Room

tropical theme bedroom ideas
Picture by Arthur McLaughlin & Associates, Inc.

A medium-sized bedroom like this one has minimal space for storing furniture. Therefore, we need to organize the area carefully so the room can be tidy and orderly. However, this bedroom looks stunning because of its contemporary interior design.

7. Luminous Coastal Bedroom

tropical rainforest bedroom ideas
Picture by Touch Interiors by Bronwyn Poole

A whole white wall for a bedroom makes it look brighter and spacious. However, adding a slight colorful decoration is also essential, such as patterned beddings or artistic wall arts. Also, paying attention to how to organize the furniture carefully is necessary too.

8. Exquisite Teal Bed

tropical bedroom design ideas
Picture by Anthropologie Europe

The teal bed fits very well in a white bedroom. Since this color is close to green and blue, it is also suitable for bedding with a leaves pattern to make it more tropical. Besides, those colors and patterns make the room the best place to escape from busy days.

9. Earthy Ivory Interior

 tropical wallpaper bedroom ideas
Picture by Mimi & Hill interiors

Although we have seen so many beige wall bedroom ideas, this one has its uniqueness. Its elegant design comes from not only the color tone but also its decoration. Meanwhile, the installation of a ceiling fan and two nightstand lamps can liven up the room atmosphere.

10. Charming Beige Bedroom

bedroom tropical decorating ideas
Picture by J. Lawrence Design

Beige color tones are never disappointing for those who love nature and not too bold bedroom decorations. In addition to the interior, we can choose the ones that look classical and simpler. Also, placing a green living plant inside the room is a great idea to make it more tropical.

Modern Tropical Bedroom Ideas

A tropical bedroom style can also adopt a modern touch for its interior design. This combination of two is perfect for those who want a bedroom close to nature but still looks stylish. Nevertheless, considering the correct concept of combining these two styles is essential too. Here, we have picked some of the best modern tropical bedroom designs ideas below.

1. Lively Contemporary Room 

tropical bedroom diy ideas girl
Picture by WEHO CONDO

Green wall painting never disappointed us, especially in this white room. It is suitable with the scenery outside the window that is full of trees and heat. As a result, the green, white walls and wood flooring are a perfect combination for tropical bedroom decorating ideas.

2. Fascinating Open-concept Bedroom

bedroom fireplace ideas tropical
Picture by Pu’uwai Design & Construction

Not only a place for sleeping, but this bedroom also combines it with a small private garden. It has a large open door that connects the indoors and outdoors areas. Besides, the bed faces the garden directly so the owner can relax and enjoy the tropical atmosphere.

3. Peaceful Window View

tropical cottage bedroom ideas
Picture by Fine Design Interiors, Inc.

Placing a bed right near a window is a magnificent idea. It allows us to see the outdoor scenery while lying or sitting on the bed. Moreover, a great open window lets the sunlight come through it and makes the bedroom healthier.

4. Trendy Room Decor

classic tropical bedroom ideas
Picture by StyleHaus Design

A dominant dark color can fit this tropical bedroom wonderfully. A touch of tropical appears on the addition of green plants and a great open door. Although the hint of the dark is still dominant, it does not clear up the tropical ambiance.

5. Contemporary Kids’ Room

tropical bedroom decor ideas girl
Picture by B Interior

Choosing the right design for a kids’ bedroom is not always easy, but this one is worth trying. It does not need to be colorful, but a dominant white touch can make it look contemporary and less tedious. Besides, kids also might love to have a tropical style in their beddings.

6. Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

diy tropical bedroom ideas for tweens
Picture by Tropical Bedroom

A bedroom that is connected to an outdoor space always looks fascinating. By only having a glass door as the barrier, we can watch the outdoor view from inside. On the other hand, spending time relaxing in that garden could be a great choice too.

7. Bright Summer-inspired Bedroom

tropical bedroom ideas for tweens
Picture by Tropical Bedroom

Good access to an outdoors view is one of the keys to having this lovely tropical bedroom. Not only focus on the outdoors experience, but this room also pays attention to the interior design. The white walls, hardwood flooring, and a green bedding set filled the space flawlessly inside the bedroom.

8. Exotic Green Loft

tropical bedroom design ideas for teenagers
Picture by Tropical Bedroom

Renovating a loft to use as a bedroom is one of the best tropical bedroom design ideas. Inside this loft bedroom, the use of large windows functions to make the room less enclosed. Besides, placing only a few essential pieces of furniture can make the area more spacious.

9. Stylish Dark-light Combination

bedroom ideas tropical with white and creambedding
Picture by Saltzgiver Designs

Those who love the stylish design but still want to look tropical might love this bedroom decor. It blends light and dark colors, such as black and white bedding, dark green artificial leaves, and beige walls. As a result, the room looks contemporary and fashionable.

10. Soft Colors Combination

animal print tropical bedroom ideas
Picture by Tropical Bedroom

Mint green walls, beige furniture, and hardwood floor become a splendid combination in this bedroom. Also, a large window near the bed allows the natural light to brighten the room. All of those color touches and the furnishings help to create an outstanding interior design.

Classic Tropical Bedroom Ideas

Vintage colors and decorations are unique for additional style in a tropical bedroom. It combines nostalgic shades of colors and sometimes unusual patterns. Besides, the wonderful relaxing experience can also appear because of the room’s beautiful environment. Thus, these are some stunning classic tropical designs ideas for the bedroom.

1. Grey Eclectic Bedroom

brown tropical bedroom ideas
Picture by Studio Milne

Tropical-themed bedroom ideas are not always full of bright color tones but also look attractive with dark. This grey walls bedroom appears in eclectic style but has some tropical touches on its interior. A mesmerizing gold painting on one side of the walls fits beautifully with the wood floor and furniture.

2. Wooden Master Bedroom

tropical bedroom theme ideas for adults
Picture by Pu’uwai Design & Construction

As one of those tropical master bedroom ideas, this one has a simple decoration with an admirable room design. It is surrounded by wood material and more than one window, allowing more fresh air to circulate. Then, the way the rectangle mirror hangs near the bed expands the view and makes the room bigger.

3. Colorful Beach Style

tropical bedroom ideas for teenage girls
Picture by Carolyn Reyes

A variety of patterns and full of color decoration in this eclectic bedroom looks entertaining and eye-catching. Although the blue bedding is almost similar to the curtains and wallpaper, it helps the room look alive and glamorous. Also, a beautiful chandelier over the bed becomes the source of light and natural light from outside.

4. Classical Teenage Room

bedroom decor tropical ideas
Picture by English Heritage Homes of Texas

Organizing two single beds in one room like this one is great for teenagers, especially for girls. A touch of floral pattern on the beddings and top window curtains brings girly and classic vibes. Furthermore, the choice of white walls is a perfect decision to make this bedroom look more neutral and clean.

5. Calming Two Windows Bedroom

cozy tropical bedroom decorating ideas
Picture by Fine Design Interiors, Inc.

Double windows in a bedroom make the room fresher and allow the air to circulate nicely. As we can see here, the room is modest but well-organized. It does not need a lot of furniture, but only several touches of neutral colors. 

6. Bamboo Bedroom Sets

tropical decor ideas for bedroom
Picture by Fine Design Interiors, Inc.

If you are looking for orange tropical bedroom ideas, this one could be an excellent choice. The room seems unique because there are some bamboo furnishings and neutral wall colors. Also, the use of bamboo material on the bed, bedside table, and lounge chair creates its orange color naturally.

7. Warm Color Schemes

Picture by Sharif & Munir Custom Homes, Inc.

Deciding to have a large master bedroom with beige color can make it warmer and luxurious. It makes the room less empty, especially if there are a lot of free spaces. Meanwhile, to freshen the room make sure to have an enormous natural light source and collect some green living plants.

8. Natural Asian-inspired Bedroom

Picture by Tropical Bedroom

Southeast Asian tropical climate is exotic and can inspire a bedroom design, as we can see in this one. It has a spacious area and excellent air circulation to control the heat during the summertime. Then, if we look at the interior design, it is mainly made of wood material, which can bring us a back-to-nature experience.

9. Simply Unique Decoration

Picture by Tropical Bedroom

Although this tropical bedroom has a simple decoration, it still looks unique and romantic. It combines teal, white, and some golden touch on the furniture. Also, the use of a bed canopy makes the room seem sweet and comfortable.

10. Inviting Autumn-inspired Room

Picture by Tropical Bedroom

Since autumn is familiar with orange or brown shades of color, this bedroom is inspired by it. We can apply it to a bedroom design to feel the atmosphere, even not during the season. Besides, the color shades make the room look warmer and fanciful.

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In conclusion, tropical bedrooms come in many variations and are mixed with many styles. As we have mentioned above, it could be modern, classical, or blended with neutral colors. Since there are so many design ideas available, make sure to choose them based on your needs or even personal styles. Furthermore, good designs will bring joy and comfort to your bedroom.

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